Meeting others will help you find your own path

Artisha Mann-Cooper, Film Producer, NYC

How did you first hear about Shapr?

A friend of mine — who works in a completely different field — gave me a demo and I thought I’d try it for myself. I’m a young indie film producer so my job is to connect creatives with potential investors, and for that, I need to network a lot. The good thing is I love doing it!

How has your experience been?

My first reaction was “this is really easy to use”, especially compared to more traditional networking tools. Plus, you don’t have to pay anything to get connected to new people. I also like that it eliminates the awkward connection/rejection process altogether by keeping your choices private until there’s a match.

So I started swiping a bit and was struck with the diversity of the profiles I saw. After a while I optimized my profile by adding hashtags that were similar to those of the people I really wanted to meet — typically potential investors that might be interested in some of my projects.

Before I knew it, I got in touch with a venture capitalist I never thought I’d meet otherwise — and in a relaxed, casual way too that didn’t feel forced. Truly an invaluable connection that made a big difference for me. Since then, I’ve been using Shapr every day.

What advice would you give when it comes to networking?

I work with creative folks and know how vital it is for them to connect with other creatives for inspiration. And I’ve also witnessed firsthand that you need to get out of your usual circles if you want to achieve more.

There is tons of tangible advice and strategies to be learned from people who live outside your social comfort zone. I think networking with an app like Shapr is especially useful for millenials: meeting others will help you find your own path.

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