Shapr 2.0

Hi there,

We’re making big changes to the Shapr app! Here’s what’s up:

100% focused on helping you meet people: Based on your feedback (thanks again to all who answered!), Shapr now focuses only on bringing you inspiring professionals to meet every day.

Expanded Horizons: Your daily selection of professionals to meet now includes like-minded minded people near you! heck back each day to view more profiles (and say goodbye to that empty newsfeed…).

Improved Relevance: We’ve made our algorithm smarter: your suggestions improve the more you swipe!

This is a new step toward our goal to build the digital place where you’ll meet people who can change your life. We are really excited to hear what you think of this new version.


Shapr is a business networking app. Get a daily list of inspiring people to meet tailored by your trusted people, your areas of interest, your previous actions… then each member swipes right (and anonymously) who he wants to meet.

It should take you 2 minutes a day. Maybe 3.

Networking is notoriously efficient and incredibly fun. Life-advancing encounters are a few swipes away.

So give it a try . Get the app

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