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Hi everyone — this page is no longer updated as of November 2016. For all questions regarding the Shapr app, go to Thanks!


What is Shapr?

Shapr is more than an app, it’s a lifestyle. Our goal is to create an environment in which networking is more of a second nature, rather than a daily hassle. Shapr provides you the fastest way to network every day while avoiding the awkwardness of sending or rejecting requests to connect. Swipe a profile right if you’d like to connect, swipe left if you don’t. Once you get a match, you can chat and set up a meeting in person or through whichever means of communication you want. Simple.

How Does Shapr Work?

Shapr uses an algorithm to best match profiles that are alike. Daily batch suggestions are based on location and interests, as well as your level of professional experience, to bring you people nearby who may share common interests with you. On Shapr, you can write to other people when interest is mutual, that is, when you both privately decided to swipe right on each other’s profile. You can be notified of a match via email and push notifications, or in real time when you swipe. However, be aware that swiping everyone right on your account will result in your profile being downgraded, so be sure to choose wisely!

Do People Know When I’ve Swiped Them?

On Shapr, all interactions are anonymous until the interests of both parties is mutual; people can’t see whether you’ve swiped them right or left, and vice versa, until the two profiles both match with one another.

Why is There a Daily Limit as to how many Profiles I am Able to Swipe?

The Shapr philosophy is that networking should be easy and daily. We aim to provide quality first, rather than quantity; that’s why we’re taking an approach that emphasizes checking in each day for just a few minutes and swiping through a few profiles, rather than spending hours browsing endless lists at one point and then never coming back. This way you can implement networking into your daily routine without worrying too much about it.


How can I Remove Someone from My Matches?

On iOS, simply swipe the match you wish to unmatch in your list, tap “unmatch”, select a motive and confirm.

On Android, If you feel for whatever reason that one of your matches is not behaving in an appropriate manner, tap the “…” on the conversation with this person and choose “report.”

You can also contact our support team at if you see any suspiscious activity on Shapr.

Why am I Getting Matches that are Outside of my Local Area?

Our algorithm can sometimes suggest people beyond your local area if there are not enough active users nearby, or to connect you with people who may be relevant for you, even if they’re a bit further away. If you don’t see anyone in your local area, this could be a sign that your location is not enabled on your device, or that you’ve denied access to your location for the Shapr app. To turn on your location please refer to “How do I enable access to my location?”

What can I do to get Better Matches?

Your Bio is the element that stands out the most on your Shapr profile. It’s the foundation for letting other people know your likes and interests, as well as what you’re looking for on Shapr. First impressions are crucial, and other users are going to make a split second decision whether to swipe you right or left based on your Bio and photo. We recommend you make your profile as complete as possible by having a strong, solid Bio, a clean photo of yourself, and a comprehensive list of your #interests as well as your updated industry.

Some of my Matches Don’t Reply to my Messages, What Should I do?

When you get a match, we encourage you to start the conversation ASAP (strike while the iron is hot). Users get notified right away by push notification and email when you write to them. If you message your connections and they don’t immediately respond, feel free to send a little reminder, but we recommend not being too pushy if there’s no response or they changed their mind.

How can I Undo a Left or Right Swipe?

Currently, there is no feature available allowing you to cancel a swipe within the app. People you pass may show up at a later date in another batch. Remember that actions are anonymous until you get a match, so try not to worry too much about it.

I Only get Less Than 10 Daily Profiles in my Daily Batch, why?

As an expanding company, there are some areas where we might be new and just starting out. As a result, there probably might not be that many users near your location, which would explain the small amount of profiles showing up in your daily batch. Shapr is most prevalent in the LA, Washington D.C, Chicago, Paris, and London areas but rest assured that we’re working hard on growing our user base globally to provide Shapers all around the world better suggestions in the future. If you feel something is off, simply drop us a line at so we can look into the issue.

I’ve Been Swiping Right a lot but Haven’t Been Getting any Matches, What Seems to be the Issue?

Remember to check that your profile is complete and up-to-date so people also want to swipe you right. If, however, you feel that your profile is complete and something is really off, just contact and we will assist you in any way possible.

Why am I Getting Matched with Someone who Shares no Mutual Interests or Industry?

At Shapr we do our best to help you connect with like-minded people, however we also share a strong belief in serendipity and creating chance encounters. People often find opportunities in places they wouldn’t even think to look in the first place; sometimes it’s good to explore beyond your own industry and your interests, you never know what you’ll discover!


How Does the App Determine my Location?

Your location is based on where you are physically and geographically positioned when you’re using the app. If you change whereabouts to a different city or country, your location will update accordingly and allow you to meet people nearby. For this to be possible though, you have to enable access to your location on your device.

How do I Enable Access to my Location?

On iOS, simply go to your device’s Settings > Privacy > Location Services (make sure they’re on in general) > Shapr > and tap and select “While using the app.” Next time your batch is reset, you should be able to view people nearby.

On Android, go to the menu and from there hit Settings > More > Permission and then just toggle the on/off switch right next to Location.

How do I Enable or Disable Push Notifications?

On iOS: To receive notification’s simply go to your iPhone’s Settings > Notifications > Shapr > and turn notifications on, also make sure that the Show in Notification Center option is turned on.

On Android, to turn notifications on/off go to your device’s Settings > Device > Application Manager > Shapr > once you get to the App Info check the box that says “Show Notifications.”

How can I View/Edit my Profile?

In order to edit your profile all you have to do is tap your photo or initials at the top of the screen (or open the side menu on Android and tap your photo there). Then, tap any item in your profile to edit it. You can also refresh your basic LinkedIn Profile info (name, photo, current occupation).

Can I Link my LinkedIn Account Even Though I Signed up with only my Email Address?

Absolutely! To update your profile with LinkedIn info, simply open the side menu, tap the area with your photo or the blank avatar to enter “edit profile” view. Once there, tap “Refresh my profile with LinkedIn” and enter your LinkedIn login information. Keep in mind that LinkedIn only allows Shapr to import certain basic information and not your full profile.

How do I Change my Email Address?

To change your email address, open up the side menu and tap the “Edit” profile button. Once there simply scroll to the bottom and under the section where it says “Contact Info” there should be an email link. Tap it, enter your new email and then hit the “Save” button.

How can I Delete my Account?

Don’t do it! … okay, if you really need to, deleting your account can be done via the app by opening up your profile (iOS) or the side menu (Android) and tapping on Settings, scrolling down to the “Account”section, and tapping “Delete my account.” We’re sorry to see you go, please consider dropping us a line at so we can understand how to provide you with a better experience.

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