Shapr is Tinder for business… but the relationships last longer…

Oct 20, 2015 · 2 min read

Jason McDonald, director of StringCan Interactive Europe and Co-Chair of American Chamber of Commerce NextGen

Jason’s Shapr moments

My job and my volunteer activities are focused on helping startups and PMUs grow and drive ROI. I am a natural networker, I have always really enjoyed it and I know I can’t help my clients and the members of NextGen unless I can help them make the connections in business needed to find the right partners, employees and clients to grow.

On Shapr, I’ve had 5 meetings so far including the director of marketing for a billion euro company, the director of events for a major French TV channel and a New York attorney working with Startups at a large law firm. They were all great meetings — all of them have led to positive connections for my business, my clients and NextGen.

The Director of Events for a major French TV channel and I were able to connect each other with high level people we both were hoping to meet. I was able to help her connect with a very high level CEO and she got me in touch with several large startups. Also, we are talking about a possible media partnership for an event we are planning.

This is Tinder for business…

I’ve been with my wife for 12 years, I never got to use Tinder (thankfully). This is Tinder for business but the relationships last longer and are less superficial. I love it, I look forward to using it every day. If networking is part of your life you better be using Shapr!

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