Women Say Networking Helps Them Overcome Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Shapr surveyed 2,000 employed women between the ages of 24 and 45 during October 2016. Here’s what we found:


Four in ten career women battled workplace discrimination to get where they are today.

Our study into the career hurdles, ambitions, and setbacks of 2,000 employed women between the ages of 24 and 45 found as many as 43 percent experienced discrimination at some point in their career when trying to climb the career ladder or establish themselves in a new working environment.

More than a third (36 percent) of women felt male colleagues were able to bond more easily with those in management or higher positions.

Unfortunately, feeling left out of workplace socializing or networking opportunities because of their gender is familiar to many women. About one in five felt they’d been restricted in their career growth and also felt that their current workplace is a “boys’ club” culture.


A freelancer uses Shapr to swipe through profiles and meet other professionals.

Shapr is a free networking app that helps people meet like-minded professionals. Thousands of people use Shapr daily to find mentors and get inspired from conversations with other motivated professionals. Shapr is also used by job seekers looking for less publicized opportunities, by career changers exploring different professional pathways, and by investors looking for new and innovative ideas to bring to market. So naturally, we asked women what they thought of networking.

The results show networking works.

59 percent of today’s working women say they would be more successful if they had more opportunities to engage in networking.

Results showed your professional network makes a big impact on your ability to get in the door — two thirds had landed a job purely because of an existing contact they had.

A quarter said they have a particular person or contact who gave them a chance and helped them with the knowledge that allowed them to carve out their career.

More than half of those surveyed said the ability to make relevant contacts helps them overcome some of the obstacles women still face in the workplace.

This survey illustrates the importance of networking regularly and meeting professionals across your industry to help tackle gender bias in the workplace. Sixty-seven percent of women surveyed reported they were able to land a job because of a pre-existing contact who submitted a resume internally, provided a recommendation, or shared a less publicized opportunity. The results show that building professional relationships is one of the most impactful strategies for career advancement.

Forty-seven percent of women feel that equality in workplace opportunities has improved slightly in the last five years. Yet more than a quarter of women sadly felt there has been no improvement.

With more than half of women reporting little to no improvement for workplace opportunities in the last five years, we need tools that help women to get ahead. Shapr’s goal is to make networking inspiring, manageable and useful. This goal is accomplished through a time effective app that introduces professionals with common interests. By giving women more opportunities to engage in one to one networking, we can help eliminate the gender bias.

Use Shapr to get introduced to opportunities and professionals near you. To get started, visit http://www.shapr.co or download Shapr directly from the app store and set up your free profile.