Classroom Management is truly an Art !

Managing a classroom of 30 children is an art on its own. Being a part time teacher, i find it extremely difficult to handle the class at times. Whatever i do, the children just wont be in the mood to follow my instructions. Often, i find myself searching answers online on how i can handle my class better .

Compiling a few ideas below that have proven effective for me and could help other teachers like me.

  1. Classroom Rules:

Have your own set of rules that can be followed by the children. The rules can be very simple. Get the children to come up with the rules themselves because the children can feel more responsible within the classroom. A few examples of rules that you can come up with your class:

  1. Always try and help classmates and teacher
  2. Raise your hand before speaking, one at a time!
  3. Always walk in a line quietly outside classroom.

The rules can be written in chart with pictures to help children keep seeing the rules. During class hours, even if you find your class not following, you can just point your hand at the chart. The children, will catch the message faster. (Also, you can avoid yourself having a strict moment with them!)

2. Star of the week:

Star of the week is often practiced in many schools. It is a great way to get the children to be well behaved in class and also be motivated to achieve more among his peers. A chart can be maintained in the classroom with stars assigned for the best child/children for that week! If you have the time, you can also give a gold star in person to make the child extra special!

3. My Ideal Classroom:

Ask your children, how do they wish their classroom to be? What effort does it take for them to achieve that? Make a note of all the answers they come up with. Give them a sense of feel, that it is possible, and you will help them achieve this “ Ideal Classroom”. Ask them to come up with steps that they can follow to have an ideal classroom scenario! You will create a sense of belonging in them !

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Got more ideas on classroom management? Do share them here!