“You know nothing, Jon Snow!”

Finding ourselves in a fix ain’t new to any of us. Often we find ourselves brooding over things endlessly, our spiraling thoughts reaching nowhere. By the end of it all, we find ourselves in the darkest corners of our mind, feeling distressed. A gush of negative energy kicks in making us feel like total losers.

But hey wait a second, I just realized I’m doing this to myself.

Normally every time I sit down to write something I always wanna talk about new perspectives of common emotions and situations, but today as I sit down to think I figured “Life isn’t easy and no one wants to be told what’s right or wrong, in fact anything at all”, because they are consumed by their own situations, trauma and emotions. This makes it a perfect situation for the world to take a toll on you, because you’re not sound in any possible way.

Do we know this? Hell yeah we do. Do we preach to be, you know cool and chill during such situations ? “Oh boy, yeah I’m the preacher”. While it’s so easy to say inspiring things it’s difficult to practice them. I’m just reiterating a world known fact. Often you find yourself at a dead end, but you just have to realize that is exactly what your situations usher you to feel, we don’t actually really know anything in this nature as it’s all volatile.

The rich can turn into poor, a country could be lost, stock market could collapse, war could happen all this within minutes or may be even less. We’re just supporting artists doing our part in this big story. No one is a loser because no one stops, everybody moves ahead, they progress. Not everyone can be celebrities whom the world would talk about, but each one of us I believe strive to be heroes in our daily lives. It’s just that this emotion normally goes unacknowledged, so today take a moment to see how beautiful you’ve been, and this will push you through all the twists in you tale.

And that will be a new beginning, “a new sun that you’re waking up to each day!”