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Website re-work sneak peak

We know we have been a little quiet over the last few months in regards to Shard and as many of you may know this is mainly due to the fact that we have a small team looking to achieve a lot with no funding or ICO. Due to this it is very hard to take on additional team members to deliver at a quicker pace, or get listed on exchanges without wider community support.

Non-stop work, zero time to rest

Since the inception of Shard the core team has invested deeply into this project, to a point where most of the team has only just been able to get by. Working over 12 hours everyday, while not making a single cent since its inception or sold a single Shard, but instead self invested and funded the project benefitting Shard holders. …

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As many of you know from our previous announcement and those that may be wondering as to why there has been little mentioned since our last main announcement about the Quantum Project. This is because we have been and are currently working on and planning some possible big changes for Shard to come in the future.

The Future

Since the beginning it has been our mission to strive to create new and innovative ways to improve the weaknesses in the present blockchain industry. The current changes being worked on aim to allow us to proceed with the creation of the Quantum Project Blockchain, pushing Shard forward as a top blockchain project. …

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Since the beginning, our mission has been to strive for new and innovative ways to improve the weaknesses in the present blockchain industry. We believe we possess the creativity and ingenuity to fill the gaps in current blockchain technology, creating innovative solutions that can build a brighter and more valuable future for humanity.

Today, however, we want to share with you an idea we’ve had since before we set out on our Shard journey. This project would help increase adoption and enable further use cases for Shard. It is completely scalable, will allow for easy day to day use, provides a completely user friendly experience for people with limited understanding of cryptocurrency, and holds a robust amount of features that can service the needs of anyone, from beginners to advanced users. …

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After a long hiatus, we’ve returned to Medium with a renewed effort to provide more regular, quality updates and announcements. What better way to start, than to officially unveil the long awaited, and vastly improved, Shard Wallet!?

The newest version of the Shard Wallet has been completely redesigned with a modern user interface that boasts a multitude of new features. Through countless hours of collaborative effort by our wonderful design and development teams, as well as multiple feature requests and helpful feedback from our amazing community, we now present you with:

A Sleek New User Interface

The wallet UI has been completely overhauled to present a more refined, modern looking interface, which provides a wealth of useful information at a glance. Some of the more notable interface features…


Shard Coin

Shard is a secure and scalable decentralized digital currency and blockchain shaping the future of decentralized freedom globally.

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