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Aug 2 · 5 min read
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Website re-work sneak peak

We know we have been a little quiet over the last few months in regards to Shard and as many of you may know this is mainly due to the fact that we have a small team looking to achieve a lot with no funding or ICO. Due to this it is very hard to take on additional team members to deliver at a quicker pace, or get listed on exchanges without wider community support.

Non-stop work, zero time to rest

Shard is one of the few projects with no ICO that is funded by its core team and works continuously while not making any money to live. Looking to deliver a lot more with less team members than many large, multi-million dollar funded projects and companies listed on large exchanges and delivering less.

Due to the lack of team members and already working non-stop its hard for the core team to handle things such as social media, community management and growth. This may lead to some of you thinking there is no activity, however this could not be further away from the truth.

Shard website update

As the new Shard website comes out, we will be looking for someone from the community to help with the creation of the new Shard whitepaper and design. If you would be interested and have prior experience let us know in a DM on Discord and provide your previous experience and how you can help.


Exchange Listings

There are exchanges we are working with to get Shard listed on for free, however to get listed on these exchanges there needs to be a lot more market activity for Shard, higher market cap, strong community involvement, social presence and much more.

What can the community do?

We are currently looking for community members to join the Shard community team, to handle social media, community activities / management, growth and etc. If you would like to join and help in Shards future and adoption, let us know in a DM.

Joining the Shard Discord and Shardax Discord

This is due to the limited time our team currently has and by doing so would allow our team to monitor and manage one discord channel a lot more easily, since the majority of members are the same across both channels. We would like to know the thoughts of the Shard community on this.

Shard on Infinity Wallet

As many of you know, Shard is listed on this advanced and innovative platform providing users with many benefits and continuous new features and integrations, growing the blockchain ecosystem and allowing easier adoption.

All platforms using Shard in the ecosystem will provide Shard holders a wide range of use cases on them from burning, discounted fees, access to features, cash back, payments, network & defi uses, votings, higher referral bonuses and much more. All while innovating the industry, providing professional, secure and easy to use platforms pushing blockchain into a new era.

Shards value

Seeing Shard at its current value is very disappointing, we believe Shard is highly undervalued in regards to what we are doing, looking to do, the use cases Shard has and much more.

Comparing Shard with other projects that are in the top 100 and have raised 10–20+ million in funding, we are working on much more. Delivering more use cases and value, innovating the blockchain ecosystem and much more. While having far fewer team members, yet delivering just as fast as these projects and up to a higher professional standard.

Closing Statement

Thank you for reading and as always we welcome your feedback.

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