We are today announcing our technology roadmap for 2021 & the first half of 2022. We’ve also setup a new publication on Medium, please follow us at: Sharder Chain — Medium

Our focus is to build world class leading capability to securely store data and build incredible DApp’s + many more exciting functions and collaborations.

  • SS Contract: build multi chain token exchange capability by allowing interoperability initially with the Tron, Huobi & Binance Chains.
  • Complete mining client, enabling hubs, boxes and other mining devices.
  • Reset testnet work and open for wider testing.
  • Open network for developers to build DApp’s on…

Sharder Network

· Due to technical complications from the testnet reset and partial changes to the Foundation, the development team will make the following readjustments to the SS testnet reset roadmap:

a) Complete the SS testnet reset by 2021 Q1 at the latest.

b) Within one month following completion of SS testnet reset, current SS contracts will be upgraded.

c) Within three months following completion of SS testnet reset, SS testnet nodes will become open access.

d) Within six months following open access mining, the SS mainnet will launch.

· The development team expects to submit the testnet code to…

Sharder Network

· Phase one of the SS Testnet reset has been completed. Many bugs were found during the local testing, so additional time is needed for new features and bug fixes. Currently, we’ve added over 103 fixes and upgraded features.

· After completion of phase two SS Testnet reset, Sharder network will become an open network. The core team will provide installation scripts and manuals to all miners for mining through servers, PCs, Hubs & Boxes, and other mining machines. The estimated official release date for COSv0.1.9 and COSv0.2 is Q4.

· Partial list of phase one fixes and…

Sharder Network

· The SS testnet reset has been completed and COS v0.1.9-Preview has been released (https://github.com/Sharders/sharder-chain/releases/tag/v0.1.9)

· The testnet will be reset 2–3 times; minor version updates and hotfixes will be released to improve network stability and robustness. The core team will release the official version of COS v.0.1.9 when stage 1 ends. This version allows hub nodes to update automatically from v.0.1.8. Stage 2) Non-hub nodes will be allowed to connect to the network.

· A node connection guide will be released during stage 2, miners will be able to connect to the network by following the guide.

Sharder Network
· The SS testnet reset is close to 100% completed. For more details, please check our GitHub: https://github.com/Sharders/sharder-chain/commits/master

· The main goal of the month is transaction processing optimizations.

· Reconstructed the logic of PoC storage and legacy PoC transaction processing.

· Optimized node connections and lowered the probability of stuck blocks.

· Optimized the PoC consensus and lowered the probability of forking.

· SS Biggest Bags Competition with 250,000 SS to be won. Final day 31st of August.

· Article in Coin Telegraph: https://cointelegraph.com/news/data-storage-start-up-sharder-to-increase-data-storage-space

· Article in Hackernoon: https://hackernoon.com/decentralized-cloud-storage-how-it-will-change-the-face-of-the-internet-22-np1f2349h

(Info above provided by the Sharder Foundation) —…

Sharder Network

The SS testnet reset is 90% completed. For more details, please check our GitHub: https://github.com/Sharders/sharder-chain/commits/master

• Improved the verification of unqualified miners to prevent PoC score calculation errors from random transactions during forking.

• The new Sharder website is now live with the completed V3 Whitepaper — https://oss.sharder.org/sharder/whitepaper/sharder-technical-whitepaper-en.pdf

• Weekly Sunday Funday Giveaway growing our Twitter following to over 7,100

• Telegram sticker pack released

• Interview with YouTuber Max Dapp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XryruYxQheQ

• Great summary of Sharder by leading YouTuber Crypto Fiend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74AP7DEv_M8

•Started advertising on leading cryptocurrency YouTube channels, commercial can at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRSfkgshTbk

• Contracted a…

Sharder Network

We’ve been coding the testnet reset throughout this month and is already 80% completed. For more details, please check our GitHub: https://github.com/Sharders/sharder-chain/commits/master

• The SS client will include a notification about the risks of using private key login and use of trial account in the login page.

• Fixed an issue causing a zero value to be displayed under staked SS and a null error during auto-mining.

• Optimized the inquiry for PoC transactions: support added for v0.1.8 and v0.1.9 …

Sharder Network:Sharder-Chain

  • The mining rewards and system rewards for phase one testing have been released.
  • Six small version iterations were released this month and over 3000 lines of code are added. For more details, please check our GitHub: https://github.com/Sharders/sharder-chain/commits/master.
  • v.0.1.9 will provide fixes to issues with block generation and forking, this version will resolve the situation with stuck blocks from phase one testing.
  • The R&D team’s current focus is on the network reset and has reached 60% completion.
  • Logo redesign.
  • Website redesign 80% complete.
  • Whitepaper and roadmap being re-written.
  • Paul Rogash appointed as Marketing and Communications Manager

(Info above provided…

Sharder Network:Sharder-Chain

•The Sharder Whitepaper 2.0 has been revised according to the suggestions of the community. The burning of transaction fees has been significantly lowered and other details have been revised.

•The first phase testing (with rewards) of the Sharder Network ended as of the 100,000th block height. There were 7 version updates within the first test phase and 100+ bugs have been fixed.

•The calculations for the lockup and mining rewards have been completed. Due to the effect of the pandemic, the rewards will be released and sent before the end of Q2 at the latest.

•Sharder is rigorously…

Sharder COS v.0.1.8:

· The Sharder Whitepaper V2.0 and Community Whitepaper has been updated on the Sharder website: https://sharder.org/. The whitepaper also includes the 2020 roadmap. The transaction fee table has also been revised to reflect the community’s opinions towards it. If you believe the updated values are still high, please let us know what you think is reasonable on this form: https://forms.gle/wNx9wZsGRWCVAtX68

· Test phase 1 of the testnet has been completed. The network reset, the upgrade and testing of test phase 2 will be happening soon. The rewards and compensation for test phase 1 will also be distributed…


A decentralized storage protocol. Telegram:https://t.me/sharder_talk

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