NYC Mayor de Blasio’s recent comments on Airbnb

Please see below a rush transcript from an NYC Mayor’s Office press conference that occurred February 16, 2016. In an off-topic question, New York Daily News City Hall Bureau Chief Jen Fermino asked NYC Mayor de Blasio his thoughts on Airbnb.

Fermino: Dailynews has a story about Airbnb last week, they dropped a thousand listings that might have been illegal. Wondering if you have any thoughts on this?

Mayor de Blasio: Yea I’m very troubled by this. We certainly want to work with the sharing economy, and I appreciate what’s good about the sharing economy, but if these reports are true, and Airbnb is purposefully withholding information, and in fact providing misinformation, that unacceptable. We will not tolerate that. So, let’s be very clear, we have greatly increased the resources available for enforcement related to Airbnb and similar services, because we have so many complaints from neighborhood residents. So we’re definitely going to go very hard at any building where in fact there’s an illegal hotel, where it’s not an individual renting out a room a few times month but a systematic illegal hotel. We’re going to go at that very hard. We’re going to go at anyone who has benefited from our affordable housing programs and is supposed to follow certain rules and is breaking those rules by their participation in Airbnb, we’re really going to be very aggressive here. But I would say to Airbnb if they want goodwill and a good working productive relationship with the city of New York, they must be transparent and they must provide us all the information accurately, not sugar coat it, and show us what’s really going on because we are going to enforce the law.

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