We would like to introduce a new way of social media

Hi there. My name is Daniel and I am the co-founder of ShareRace.com.

The past months we have been a german social network but now we are expanding into the english speaking countries.

We believe that people need to get the information which they really need and care about. The result of that is ShareRace.

ShareRace is an easy to use social network. You can share content and vote, comment and tag friends on it. On the landing page you can see the whole content of the website sorted by relevance. To get the information that you want you can look into different categories.

To get the content that you want to see regulary, you can follow users, sites and whole categories. You can see that content in your newsfeed.

The ‘lists’ of content can be sorted by ‘new’ or by ‘charts’.

Please note that there is a lot of german content. We are working on a solution to separate the content.

We would appreciate if you give ShareRace a try.

Best regards,


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