ShareX Weekly Project Report 2018.8.13–2018.8.19

Core Business

The Share X business team received a portion of the old stock transfer quota for the “Hua jiao Live streaming” project and has already matched the intent to the investor.

The “Hua jiao Live video streaming” is a mobile social live-stream platform with strong attributes, focusing on the daily life of 90s and 95s generation, interacting and sharing every day. On June 2nd, 2016, the Huajiao VR area was launched, becoming the world’s first VR live streaming platform, opening the mobile live VR era; creating unique and face-changing functions to enrich the user interaction experience.

The Share X business team received a partial transfer of the old shares of the “Baihe” ( project. is the first service provider in China to make friends and love through network real name. The company completed the acquisition of 100% equity of Tianjin Baihe Times Asset Management Co., Ltd. in September 2017. Tianjin Baihe Times and its holding subsidiaries mainly operate the marriage and love dating business under the Jiayuan brand, the completion of its 100% equity acquisition also means that Baihe and Jiayuan completed the formal merger.

17th August, the person in charge of the Share X business group met with the manager of the investment and financing department of Shengda Group, communicated the situation of the projects already invested, gave advice on the direction of project cooperation, and reached a consensus.

After more than 20 years of development, Shengda Group has become a diversified comprehensive industrial group integrating financial investment, asset management, health care, mining development, construction real estate, cultural tourism and precious metal processing. In 2013, the Group invested RMB 400 million to participate in the “China Minsheng Investment Co., Ltd.” initiated by 59 well-known private enterprises and approved by the State Council in Shanghai. It is the sole company in Gansu Province that has a shareholding (China Mintou). The company has a registered capital of 50 billion yuan and was officially opened in August 2014.

17th August, Mr. Li Gangqiang, the founder of ShareX, visited Huang Yu, founder of Zhejiang Ateduoduo Intellectual property rights Trading Platform, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The two sides discussed the possibility of jointly establishing an equity exchange of unlisted companies in Zhejiang.

Ateduoduo is a company-based trading center approved by the Financial Office of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province to organize intellectual property and derivative transactions. In the past three years, it has completed more than 100 billion intellectual property, art and other transactions, with more than 100,000 registered members, and also Ateduoduo’s interest in trading in unlisted company shares is very strong.

Product, Technology

Product department

ShareX Equity Asset Exchange Management Module

• Improve the functional framework design of the exchange;

• Improve the related design of the wallet and equity management function modules;

• Improve trading algorithm design;

• Increase the business process design of the exchange;

• Increase the execution of test tasks;

ShareX Wallet Management Module

• Improve the documentation of the help center wallet module;

• Continue to optimize details such as the client UI specification for the ShareX wallet module;

• Continue to improve test standards documents, including: functional testing and non-functional testing standards;

• Organize non-functional requirements (wallet management) review meeting;

• Increase the executShareX Equity Asset Management Module

ShareX Equity Asset Management Module

• Improve the user manual for the preparation of equity asset management users;

• Continue to optimize details such as the client UI specification of the ShareX Equity Asset Management module;

• Organizing non-functional requirements (equity asset management) review meeting;

• Increase the execution of test tasks;

ShareX system background management module

• Continue to improve the design of the functional module associated with the equity code in the data chain and the wallet;

• Continue to improve the design of the function module for the shareholding code of the data transfer chain and wallet in the income right transfer;

• Improve the internal coin transfer process optimization design of the account;

• Improve the design of internal currency transfer data recorded on the chain in the account;

• Organize non-functional requirements (system background management) review meeting;

• Increase the execution of test tasks;

Technical department

• Continue to optimize the function of the assertion of data which in the fabric recorded in the chain;

• Continue to implement the ShareX client interface UI specification;

• Improve wallet and equity asset management function module exceptions, fault tolerance and compatibility testing;

• Improve the usability testing and interface debugging of wallet and equity asset modules;

• Improve data recorded on chain function testing and interface debugging;

• Improve disaster recovery (data recovery) testing and interface debugging;

• Improve data verification function implementation and interface debugging;

• Improve data correlation testing and interface debugging;

• Improve wallet and equity asset function module correlation testing and interface debugging;

• Continue to improve the implementation of the new features of the Beta version and optimize the adjustments;

• Continue to improve the implementation of the relevant functions of the Beta version process optimization;

  • Increase the modification of Beta test bugs;
  • Adjust the test plan and execute according to the review results.

Brand Building and Promotion

Market exposure

On August 14, Mr. Li Gangqiang, the founder of ShareX, was invited by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. to teach the high-level executives how the blockchain can be combined with traditional enterprises. In the course, Mr. Li explained in detail the characteristics and trends of block-chain technology, and analyzed how Zhenhua Heavy Industry can use block-chain technology in industrial transformation.

Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a 100-year-old state-owned A/B-share listed company. Its container terminal bridges and field bridges account for more than 70% of the world market.

On August 15, Mr. Li Gangqiang, the founder of ShareX, visited Wang Dawei, a partner of Beijing Zhide Law Firm, to discuss the legal design of the ShareX business. Lawyer Wang Dawei strongly endorsed the design of ShareX in the legal aspects of equity TOKEN, and bring forward many valuable opinions and suggestions.

Beijing Zhide Law Firm is an emerging law firm serving the financial market. It serves a number of projects in the block-chain field, such as Fcoin, BGOGO and other exchanges. It has rich experience in block-chain compliance.

On August 17, Mr. Zhu Jiang, Partner of ShareX, was invited to participate in the “(District) Drive Wisdom, Link Future” organized by Zhongguancun Blockchain Investment Alliance to explore the block-chain investment trend and share the industry development Hangzhou station sharing activities. At the event, Mr. Zhu gave a speech on the theme “The block-chain should accelerate the development from virtual to real, and the currency change is the key”. At the same time, it also indicated that many enterprises “Tokening” have entered the market at this stage.

On August 18th, Mr. Li Gangqiang, the founder of ShareX, went to Ningbo to participate in the “(District) Drive Wisdom · Linking the Future — Ningbo Station” activity. He introduced the ShareX equity TOKEN business in the forum and participated in the forum keynote speech and roundtable forum. The conference was jointly organized by Zhongguancun Block-chain Investment Alliance, ShareX, and Purple Finance. This conference is the first large block-chain forum in Ningbo, and many local block-chain practitioners, enthusiasts and investors from Ningbo participated. At the same time, the “Ningbo Block-chain Investment Industry Ecology Alliance” was announced.

On August 18th, Mr. Li Gangqiang, the founder of ShareX, met with the founder of the TOTBTC Exchange, Run Wenke, in Shanghai. The two sides discussed the strategic cooperation in strategy, financing and marketing. During the exchange, Mr. Li made a lot of suggestions for the design and financing of the new exchange for TOBPTC. At the same time, the two sides will form deep cooperation in capital and market in the future.

Community Activities

From August 13th, every day at 15:30 pm, the official Chinese telegraph group of ShareX will hold an “answer and airdrop activity” that is “Answer question and Lucky draw”. The activity will continue this week. As long as you answer the questions, you will have the opportunity to get the SEXC “airdrop red envelope”. You are welcome to participate.

During the period from 16th to 18th in August, in order to celebrate the Chinese Valentine’s Day (Double seven nights), ShareX launched the “Star Festival Chasing 7 Win Gifts” in the community. Many friends have successfully won up to 15,400 SEXC airdrop awards. All rewards will be sent to the winners in this week, please kindly check on tracking.

The foreground-background development of ShareX Marketing Center has been completed, and will be tested this week. Please keep on it, and the latest news will be push ed in the community.

Media coverage

The national campaign of “District Smart, Linking the Future” sponsored by Zhongguancun Block-chain Investment Alliance was held in Hangzhou and Ningbo last week. ShareX founder and CEO Li Gangqiang and partner Zhu Jiang presented to shared ideas of theme at the meeting. The event was not only concerned by local investors, but also attracted reports from many blockchain media such as Jincai, Chain, and Finance.

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