Shared Interest Spotlight: Farai Simoyi, Fashion Designer (NYC, Southern Africa)

Farai Simoyi has come a long way since her days growing up in Southern Africa, but has never forgotten the virtue of Ubuntu instilled in her at a young age. The New York-based, Zimbabwe-raised designer has developed fashion lines first for Beyonce and now Nicki Minaj, has been included in Forbes magazine, and was recently honored as the “Next Best Designer” by Essence and Time Out. Throughout her long and unpredictable journey to success, Farai has never wavered in staying true to her African roots.

“You can take the girl out of Africa but you can never take Africa out of the girl. Everything I design is a representation of my home and my experiences. I believe staying true to my heritage allows my work to be authentic.”

In addition to her clothing line, Farai has founded “I Am Because You Are”, a mentorship series that highlights inspirational African women who continue to inspire one another to put education, self improvement, and career building as priorities in their lives.

Farai’s endeavors reflect both a passion for her heritage and a strong desire towards promoting sustainable change. Join us in celebrating the creativity of entrepreneurs like Farai, as we strive to improve and empower communities in Southern Africa.

Her work will be featured on the runway at Shared Interest’s Southern African Fashion & Craft Showcase on November 13th in NYC.CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR MORE INFO!

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