The product makes the difference

In Shargo we think that having an excellent product is basic to grow quickly. We are constantly trying to solve traditional delivery problems with cutting-edge technology. That’s why our development team works hard developing native apps and web that are intuitive and simple to use. From other young tech start-ups to old traditional shop owners, everybody can order a Shargo and get the item delivered in less than one hour.

To get this effectiveness there is a fundamental part here: our network of carriers. We put a lot of effort in a part of the product that only a few people see: the carrier application. In Shargo we take care of our carriers. We provide them with all the tools they need so they only need to focus on his job: delivering items. We invest a lot in the carrier app giving the carrier ETAs of the different locations, route suggestions and contact details of the people involved in the delivery so there is no interference: if there is any problem, the carrier talks directly to the people who can solve it. This way, we have an automated incidence reporting system that let’s our business grow without having an enormous operations team in the office.

Our product is functional yet intuitive and our clients and carriers love it. And this is only the beginning…

So: a great product is basic to grow quickly

Pau Ballart— CPO at Shargo