Becoming A Queen

Keep on walking. Keep on fighting.

I am becoming a Queen

Every day I’m shaped.

Like gold has to go through fire,

I have to go through my battles.

They say life is a journey,

So I walk through the door, and go seek my destiny.

Every day my life is a journey

It’s like I go to war, trying to get the victory.

My body stands whilst my soul’s falling.

I try to smile whilst my heart’s bleeding.

What’s the point of all that pretending,

When the pain and the suffering

Take over my joy and leave me crying?

But life is a journey,

So I keep on walking

Walking towards my dreams trying to see my destiny.

When confusion, fear and anger face me,

I stop walking and start fighting.

The battle is hard but I know the victory is mine so

I keep on walking. I keep on fighting.

I can see my dreams beyond the battlefield,

There’s Peace. Hope. There’s Love.

The victory is mine.

I am becoming a Queen

We’ll all know my true worth

When Peace, Joy and Love will shine upon my face

In the meanwhile, I keep on walking and keep on fighting.

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