Dear molester, (19)

I forgive you.

I forgive you for looking at me and wanting me. I forgive you for taking me. I forgive you for robbing me. Fighting me. Undressing me. Penetrating me. Hurting me. I forgive you for releasing your filthy semen into me and abandoning me in the fields.

It’s not so much about what other people think. It’s more about how I feel. It’s about me, myself and I, and how I want to live the rest of my life.


You sure don’t know it, you may not care. But the 17th of June 2012 to me, is the 1945 of the Japanese, the 9/11 of the Americans, the 13/11 of the French. It is the day you made a battlefield of my soul. You destroyed me. I’ve let you destroy me. I tried to fight. I tried to escape. I was afraid of what could have happened to me. I thought I deserved it. I thought it was my destiny. That God didn’t want me to be happy, that he wanted me to be punished for not being as pure as His word says I shall be.

Today is another important date of my life. Today is the day I decide to forgive and move forward. June 2012 was just the tremplin of my victory, the mainstay of my strength, the beginning of a journey towards greatness.

I am moving forward.

Dear molester, today I choose to forgive you. For I want to move on, and leave Fear, Anger, and Shame behind; so I can give space to Love, Peace and Joy.

Dear Molester, I am grateful it was you, a stranger and not someone I know. I am grateful, it was you, living thousands of miles away, and not next door. I am grateful, you did it.

Dear molester, thank you for raping me. For if I stand with Pride and Confidence, it’s because what didn’t kill me made me stronger.

I won’t say I love you. But I wish you all the best. I release you. I set you free. Freeing you is freeing me. It is time for me to move on and live a life of pure greatness.

Again. Thank you. Today my life is a testimony, and I can help those who suffer move forward as well. You no longer have power over me.

I am free. I am love. I’m moving on.

Have a lovely life,

Be blessed,

Another victim