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I believe it depends on how you respond. You won’t gain anything from insulting and getting back at them the same way they come to you. You can’t fight crazy with crazy. And I can tell you that from my own experience with my flatmate. Me doing what she did, talking like she did, changed me. I didn’t like having anything in common with her. I feel bolder when I don’t talk back and I’m not touched by what she says.

However, if you’re able to talk back with wisdom and intelligence well go for it, knock 'em out. It’s funny I read a quote that a friend of mine posted on Facebook today.

Never argue with stupid people because they will drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience. Mark Twain

Don’t argue with them. Make them shut up with wisdom and intelligence. Otherwise you’ll go crazy. Trust me. I did it went mad literally.

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