Random Thoughts: Death

If everybody ever thought that wars, natural disasters, terminal illnesses, was not only happening to others, they will be grateful for the simple fact that they’re breathing.

If each one of us knew that our life isn’t ours, and there’s only so much we can control, we wouldn’t waste time being bitter, angry, and afraid.

Death is the most important part of life after birth. If we forget about it, we won’t make the most of our living. When I think I might die tomorrow, even some day, all my anger, fears and problems disappear. I want to focus on loving and showing that love to just anyone. I want to share out of nothingness. I want to kiss the sun and embrace the waves. I want to dream and try harder. Try bigger. Do better. Be greater.

I want to learn, discover, understand, people their culture, their background, histories, their struggles.

Don’t forget about death. For death is inevitable. And living thinking that we’ll all die some day, can positively shift your life.

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