The Beauty of Life (17)

Life is Beauty. This is something I’ve learned throughout the years. I appreciate life over simple moments of solitude or shared.

The Beauty of life lays in the observation of nature. It is found in a cup of coffee. Medium decaff vanilla latte for me. Thank you. A cup of pleasure, douceur…

The Beauty of life comes in the appearence of love. Care. Kindness. Joy. People spend their lives seeking it, never realizing they have to create it.

The Beauty of life lies within and around us. We just need to pay attention and take time to enjoy it.

Happiness comes in the simplest ways.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the greatness that we are, the one that we share, and the one we receive.

Life is beautiful. You just have to take the time to appreciate it. Put your values in what’s important.

I love you all.

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