The Betrayal (10)

It was almost midnight when Sheyna left the café. Midnight is alright. Midnight is quite early for a Saturday evening. She finished early today, she had no events planned. She deserved it. She works hard to make sure her café can remains the trendiest place in town. It was her baby, her work in progress, her dream come true. She had prayed a lot so she could contribute to the spread of what she loves to call Black Love. She needed a place where to birth her projects and ideas, and also others’. Dark Coffee was a coffee place where photographers, painters, illustrators could come and expose their masterpieces. It was the home of the young writers and poets who wanted to come and share their work. Spoken words, poetry evenings, movie nights. She hosted it all. That’s what she wanted. That was her dream. She had enough space to host live concerts for local Black artists from Africa and its diaspora. She simply wanted a place where her people wouldn’t be a minority. She wanted a home for her, a home for them.

She stood right in front of the entrance admiring the sign, the product of her efforts combined with several years of prayer. She smiled. It wasn’t a smile of pride, but a smile of gratitude. She was grateful to God for her life. She was happy, peaceful and in love. In love with her friends, with her family, although not as much as she was in love with her husband. He was what she desired the most in life after the café. It’s actually where she met him. He came during her photo exposition. She was a great artist. She had a project to sell some shots and send the money back to the Congo for the children of the street. That’s where they both came from. So they shared passionate conversations about their projects, what they expected from life, and what they’d give back to it. They had a lot to share. He kept coming back every evening right before the closing time to help her. She was on her own at the time, there wasn’t that many people coming, she’d just opened. She fell in love with his kindness, his transparency and his patience. It had been three years since then. They had gotten married two years after meeting. She was thankful for her life and was ready to give and receive more. Above all things, she wanted children. Being a mother was the next step. They weren’t at that stage yet. It had only been a year. Not that they weren’t ready. It’s just it hadn’t happened yet. She looked at the time and decided to make her way home.

Sheyna grabbed the keys of her Mini, entered the car and started the engine. it was a very warm summer night, so she put the windows down to get some fresh air, and turned the radio on.

I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it!

She sang along. It was just a twenty minute ride to her home. She was still full of energy. All she was hoping for was for her man to still be up, cook her some dinner, and make love to her. He’s supposed to be back from his business trip this morning. Hopefully he’d have rested all day and be good to go!

She arrived at destination, safe and joyful. She skipped all the way to the door of their building. They lived on the second floor. She ran up the stairs to join him.

Please be awake, she said to herself.

When she opened the door she saw the dim lights of the candles surrounding the entire living room. Petals of white roses were on the floor forming a path heading towards the hall leading to their bedroom. She left her bag on the dinning table, and went straight to their room. She stopped at the door as she heard someone giggling. The thought of him being with somebody else quit her mind within a second. She trusted him too much. She opened the door, just to find the one she promised to love and cherish above all for the rest of her life, in sickness and in health, in wealth and poverty, naked, on top of the one she once called her sister.

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