The Betrayal — Part IV (18)

Sheyna tried to get up again. Still nothing. There’s not much she could do by herself. She had not other choice then praying. So she prayed.

In the meanwhile, in the apartment, Anthony was bound to a chair, semi-conscious. Lara attached him, so he wouldn’t join his wife downstairs in case the spell would break again. She had wasted enough time. She couldn’t wait anymore. She had to deal with them two. It just became a serious matter. No more playing around. She would jump straight to the last stage of her plan.

Lara looked at Anthony. Oh he was so handsome! She desired him. She wanted him. She saw him the first day he came to Dark Coffee. She tried to grab his attention, but the idiot would have eyes for his younger sister instead.

Lara ran to the kitchen to concoct the potion. She had put the entire cruet in the drinks she gave Anthony before Sheyna arrived. The big marabout said, she had to put just two drops of the concoction into one glass, so she could control Anthony’s mind. She shouldn’t have failed! Anthony shouldn’t have been able to break the spell! How did he do that?

She had to rush. After the concoction she had to make a doll out of Sheyna’s clothes and burn it. This would kill Sheyna and make Lara become Anthony’s wife. Lara was extremely envious of her sister. She never had half of what Sheyna had. This was unfair. It’s even now. Sheyna had a great life until the present day. It was her turn, happiness will hers as well. She gave Anthony another drink. The doll was ready now. She was reading to burn in the trash can. She Anthony was ready for her. Unconscious, yet ready. She put some paper in the trash can. She didn’t want to put oil or alcohol, just in case in went out of control. Only one of them three will die tonight. Only one of them. She put the doll on fire.

Sheyna felt her heart pounding in her chest. She was breathless. Her eyes rolled up and went white, her body starting sweating, her nails were scratching the floor. She could see her soul leaving her body. She tried to scream. No sound was coming out of her mouth. She tried again. Nothing. And again. Still mute. She thought of Anthony. And in her mind she kept praying. Pointless. Her soul eventually left her dead body liying on the floor. She could see herself right there by the door, eyes opened. She understood there was nothing left for her to do. It was over. And she cried out to her husband. Just when Sheyna surrendered, a bright light shined abover her body, attracting her soul back where it belonged. Sheyna woke up. She was alive! She could move. She was free!

She ran up the stairs to get to her apartment. She had to help Anthony. The door opened to the most traumatic scene Sheyna could have ever seen. Lara was lying on the floor at Anthony’s feet. Sheyna couldn’t move. Her sister’s body was in her living room. She first felt relieved, but then remembered who was Lara before jealousy replaced her loving nature.

Honey, said Anthony from his chair. Honey I’m so sorry… he cried. I’m so sorry.

Sheyna went to him, hugged him and cried with him. It was the relief of having her husband alive, mixed to the sorrow caused by her sister’s death.

A few weeks after, Anthony and Sheyna organized Lara’s funeral. They discovered she had made a pact with the devil. She lost her life for trying to save the one she promised to kill, her younger sister. The couple moved out of their apartment, the old one was too much of a nightmare to them. Sheyna being pregnant, they needed a start afresh.

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