More Of Us (11)

To My People, On Black Love

Dear brothers, dear sisters, 
Dear mothers, dear fathers,

It is time for us to gather around our creativity so we build a world where we have space for ourselves and are part of the mainstream.

With the “writing everyday” that brings joy and peace within my soul, comes along the frustration of not being able to illustrate my pieces with people who look like me. Nothing on the free photo libraries make me feel like I can relate, I can reflect, or recognize part of me. Nothing looks like my home. Nothing looks like my mother. Nothing represents my brothers.

Where is the love we share? The food we eat? the lives we live?! What do we need to do to be able to live our lives as we are instead of being a minority?

We are talent, intelligence, creativity, resources. We are beauty, strength, greatness and love. We are wealth! Oh God! Yes! Our roots are anchored in the most wealthiest part of the world. The heartbeat of the Earth is located right where we belong!

COME ON NOW! WHERE ARE WE? In books, in magazines, in newspaper??!!! WHERE ARE WE?

Why do I have to spend hours and hours after hours of searching on Google and other website simply not to find what I was looking for? We have to make it out there! We have to stand on our feet and have more Black photographers, more Black illustrators, more Black writers, who will be able to give access to other Blacks to media that will resonate with and represent them.

We do not have to live resigned. We need a breakthrough! In communion, support and love. We need to fight the oppression by ignoring it and simply being. Some of us will fall during the walk. When that happens, just remember, nothing can resist the power of unity. People working together towards the same goal with the right principles always succeed.

It is time for us to gather around our creativity and build a world where we exist

It is time.