Top Writer Means Boring Writer

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

This is my second day here. I’ve taken a tour. I’m smart and have worked some stuff out.

I see lots of people with Top Writer. How boring they must be. To become a top writer all you do is use the same hashtag over and over. Boring to my mind.

Unless it is poetry or personal experience, a top writer is one person to avoid. They write on the same issues repeatedly. Is that what you want to read? Really?

You may be different to me, but my life has had variations. I can use any hash tag I please. Certainly I don’t want to bore anyone who reads me. No, I want people to anticipate my next article.

For everyone's sake, don’t aim for Top Writer. Please. Be interesting by varying your subject matter. While your at it, stop the screen shots too. What a turn off as well as showing off.

Do be careful of personal stories though. Unless you are a very good writer, that gets same old stuff too. The soap opera star.

Try to accomplish something. Be varied. Don’t cause the eyes of your readers to glaze over.



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