Mental Health Awareness: Imperative for Your Child

Do you feel that your child is not showing the same results as his/her classmates? Its known fact that the mind and IQ of different children are different, so not everyone can excel in all fields. Some children do well in arithmetic, some fair well in science and some in sports. But if your child is failing in all subjects and extracurricular activities, then there is something wrong with him/her. Sometimes the teachers may point out the problem with your child, like if your child has difficulty concentrating. But you need to yourself remain extra cautious when we talk about the mental health of your child. A single mistake or ignorance on your part can be detrimental for the future of your child.

There are times when due to biological reasons, stress or other factors the mental health of your child is affected. For instance, your child may have witnessed some violent activity which became registered in his/her mind. Or because of the constant fight between spouses, the mental health of the child is hampered. So, you need to look into signs that may indicate that something is wrong with your kid. You can notice small changes in behaviour or that your child is not behaving like the way he/she should. If you regularly notice such issues, then you need to immediately seek expert help. If you let the problem persist for long, then it can greatly harm your child.

If you search over the internet, you can find many websites and institutions that offer mental health help. They hire expert mental health specialists that are well aware about the mental problems commonly associated with children. They will even point out the rare mental health issues which you may not have noticed. When you will contact the online institute for help, they will assist you in possible way in creating mental health awareness. They will teach you the methods to treat your child and pave way towards enhanced mental health. Within days you will surely notice the difference in your kid and he/she will start mingling with their peers and will take more interest in studies. The teachers of your kid will also start giving positive reports. Even the exam results will show bright marks for your kid. You will surely be thankful to the institute and will make sure to be associated with the institute and ensure bright future for your child!

Dr. Sharmistha Barai, MD is a leading Child & Adolescent psychiatrist based in Saint Louis, Missouri, using her talents and expertise to treat clients for depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar and personality disorders. She completed a MBBS degree (medical degree equivalent) at Lady Hardings Medical College, in New Delhi, India (2002). Dr. Sharmistha specializes in general psycho-geriatrics, child and adolescent psychiatry, drug and alcohol.
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