YES! You can have startup success in Toronto!

We all know of the numerous success stories that take place in The Valley. So much so that sometimes founders feel that the only way to succeed in the startup world is to pack your bags and head south. But that’s not the case: yes, it is possible to find startup success outside of the Valley.

There is a vast amount of resources south of the border but the amount of influencers, advisors and connections you can make in Toronto are second to none. Over the past few years, Toronto (and its surrounding area) has seen numerous successes in the startup world: Udemy, Fixmo, Extreme Labs, Rypple, are only a few, and we at Startup Grind are here to keep that going by connecting founders, technologists, and marketers like you with like-minded people.

So What is Startup Grind?

Startup Grind is a global community that boasts over 400,000 members across 85countries and 200 cities. We are the largest independent startup community and are thrilled to nurture startups through our events and partnerships with organizations such as Google for Entrepreneurs.

Every month, we bring you the best of the best — from Legal advisors, VC’s and investors to other founders like you who have successfully built up their businesses, raised money and exited. Startup Grind has hosted over 2000 fireside chats to date and has helped millions of entrepreneurs to find new partners, mentorship, find hires and increase their user base.

Why Toronto?

A world-class city, Toronto has a vibrant startup community, full of creativity, energy, advice and camaraderie. So great, that many successful founders have come back to Toronto to re-invest into the community and further contribute to the ever-evolving eco system. We see the potential and we see your hunger to see your startup succeed — that’s why we’re here.

Meet the Toronto Community

Come out to our next event! You’ll connect with other founders and the Startup Grind Toronto team where you can ask any questions you may have. We’ll have some refreshments, some nibbles to eat before sitting down to a fireside chat with a prominent expert. You’ll have an opportunity to ask direct questions and make connections.