Where’s MY Green Jacket or Hockey Hard Hat?

The smile says it all..the green jacket.

The smile says it all..the green jacket.

The green jacket is the pinnacle of success on my daughter’s hockey team. Not only did it used to belong to the GREAT ONE (Wayne Gretzky) but it holds the prestige of being the reward to the hardest working player on the ice during a particular game. It gets passed from player-to-player depending who has earned it that game. The proud recipient gets to wear it until the next game and the next victor has been decided by the coach.

Every team has their own version of the green jacket, most popular seen is the hard hat. And the kids take it seriously. It’s a badge of honor that gives that player some bragging right, at least until the next game, knowing that coach picked THEM as the “it” player.

So, here’s the real question…where is the hard hat or the green jacket for the hardest working hockey mom (or dad). Where’s our badge of honor? Our swag?

I came up with a list of reasons a hard hat or green jacket should be awarded to the hardest working parent.

1) They don’t talk garbage about the team, the coach or other parents

2) They cheer at games, don’t pick fights with opposing parents and refrain from yelling instructions at their player on the ice.

3) They don’t shirk their locker room parent duties.

4) Their ride home speech consists only of “great job, did you have fun?”

5) They have an extra of everything in their kid’s hockey bag, tie skates and carpool.

Yes, that list is for the already perfect parents, the ones we all aspire to be. For the rest of us it goes like this:

1) Managed to get your player to the rink, ON-TIME with ALL of their gear for all the week’s practices.

2) Didn’t weep or throw themselves on the ground in a temper tantrum when yet another out-of-state trip was scheduled.

3) Was able to correctly identify the rink where the game was held that week, BEFORE heading to the wrong one first.

4) Politely held their tongue and only glared when an opposing parent referred to your goalie as “lucky”.

5) Despite all the challenges, still loves youth hockey.

So, where is it? Green is definitely my color.

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