11 Fashion Fixes To Dress To Look Slimmer Now… Without Going To The Gym

Go on a fashion diet to dress to look slimmer now.

Did you wake up feeling a little puffy today?

No worries.

Blame it on the time of year, time of month, or timing of that matcha tiramisu that moved the needle up on the scale. Fake a hot body with these quick stylist tips to look slimmer.

All you need to do is adjust the way you get dressed.

It’s the easiest diet in town!

In fact, it’s so simple that you may just want to incorporate these style tricks into your everyday dressing.

11 Quick Ways to Dress to Look Slimmer Now…

Look Slimmer Tip 1: Suck It In-
You may not want to go full-on Spanx everyday but tights with a bit of Lycra will hold you just enough to smooth you out without feeling like you’re wearing “surgical underwear.”

If you are between sizes, go up a size to eliminate waist ripple.

Look Slimmer Tip 2: Lift Up The Girls-

Boobs are bulging or looking a little less than perky? No worries, it may be time to clean out your underwear drawer.

Try a minimizer bra to look less voluptuous or a slightly padded bra to balance your hips.

Added benefit: your blouses may start to fit better.

Look Slimmer Tip 3: Get Tonal-

Forget about obvious color breaks and create the illusion of length by mixing and matching different textures and fabrics in the same or similar shade to create interest. Of course, dark shades are best but you can create the same vibe if you stay monochromatic.

Keep the more matte fabrics in the areas you want to minimize.

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Look Slimmer Tip 4: Wear Heels-

There’s nothing like a little lift to create a visually elongated line.

Don’t go super crazy with heel heights, just an elegant heel that’s in proportion to your figure.

Look Slimmer Tip 5: Play With Proportion-

One of my favorite stylist tricks!

Not only does pairing volume over slim, or visa versa, create a longer line but intermingling different lengths blurs the break (or bulge) so it’s almost impossible to see “problem” areas.

Look Slimmer Tip 6: Starting falling in love with menswear jackets

 You can’t beat structure and fine tailoring to reshape your body.

Belt the jacket (instant shaping) or wear it open (instant camouflage) to create a less formal look. Want to look more off-handed? Drape a blazer over your shoulder for hands-free chic.

Look Slimmer Tip 7: Color Block — Illusion dressing

The plus size is that some crafty color-blocking can create the illusion of a whittled waist and slender hips.

The bad side is that if you pull this trick too often your signature style can become a tad too obvious. Wear sparingly and enjoy!

Look Slimmer Tip 8: Embrace the Flare Pants Trend

Flare pants and heels are an instant leg lengthener. Plus, a fresh break away from years of skinnies.

What’s key is to be sure that your flares glide over your thighs rather than grab for a slimming silhouette.

Look Slimmer Tip 9: Layer Up-

Layering is a spin on playing with proportions.

Micro layers won’t add bulk but will not only add visual interest but move the eye around the body so you can spotlight the areas where you want to bring attention.

Look Slimmer Tip 10: Try A New Haircut

I believe in the 5-year rule when it comes to maintaining the same hairstyle so that you don’t look dated. Very long hair or super short hair emphasizes your body shape, and not always in the best way.

The next time you visit your hairstylist, be sure he or she considers your entire frame and not just how the hair looks on your face. You’d be amazed about the slimming effect of the right hairstyle .

Look Slimmer Tip 11: Fake A Tan + Contour Those Checkbones

Countering is not just for the Kardashians!

Add a bit of counter to your cheekbones and jawline for an instantly more sculpted face. Try a light spray tan to slim your arms and legs… think of tan as your best accessory the next time you wear a sleeveless sheath dress.