Fluttery, long lashes are something every woman has always wanted. We all know that fake eyelashes are very difficult to apply and cannot be reused. They use an adhesive that are very stinky and are not good for your natural lashes. They’re either outrageously expensive or require extensive maintenance or are hard to apply or have damaging effects. A new beauty product has eliminated all those worries now. Yes, it’s the magnetic lashes that can be used on a daily basis to enhance your eyes. They are easy to use and reusable and hygienic as well as safe for your natural lashes.

The magnetic lashes attach in seconds and are exclusively made for a company called One Two Cosmetics. These magnetic lashes are called One Two Lash. Using micro-magnetic technology, One Two Cosmetics created a pair of lashes that lock onto your natural lashes for a full set of lashes — no glue needed.

How to put the magnetic lashes on:

Take a pair of magnetic lashes from the case. Hold them gently from the base (where magnets are placed). Hold one lash above your natural lash line then grab the other one (the one with the red dot is the bottom lash) just below your lash line. The magnets will pull towards each other and the pair will sandwich your natural lashes. Repeat the same process with the other eyelash. It may take a few tries to get the eyelashes to sit in place properly.

If you mess up and want to re-apply, just use your soft pads of your fingertips to separate the magnets. Slide the magnets in opposite direction. Be careful not to pull the lashes off as that might yank your natural lashes off. It will take a while to master the application process but once you get used to wearing them, you will be able to wear them in seconds.


You get one set of magnetic lashes in a set which will last up to 3 months with proper usage. These magnetic lashes can be a life saver to attain a glamorous look in a little time and effort. You don’t need to do a lot of makeup as well since they accentuate your eyes and you don’t need to use a lot of sticky and stinky products.

Types of lashes available:

The magnetic lashes come in three different styles that can be used according to different occasions:

· Original Lash: They are lashes that can be used for a regular use. You can accentuate your eyes for your daily look. You can wear them at work, casual date or an outing with your friends or relatives. It makes up your look without much effort.

· Bold lash: They are longer in length and thicker in volume to give you a bold look for glamorous events, weddings, prom and expensive dates. If you want to pull off a bold look and gain a lot of attention, these are the kind of lashes for you.

· Accent lash: These lashes make your eyes look mysterious and flirty in a subtle manner since they have a curl in them. They make up a good elegant look and enhance your eyes.

In a nutshell, magnetic lashes are economic, hygienic and a healthier alternative to the conventional false lashes. They create a glamorous look for all kinds of occasions and are durable. If you handle them with proper care and not use them roughly, the can last for about three months.

The magnetic lashes are easy to use even for a complete beginner. Once you get a hold of how they settle on your natural lashes, you will be able to wear them within seconds and get ready for any day and occasion. You can even add crystals on these lashes to create a more dramatic look with One Two Cosmetic products. After use, you can remove them with One Two Cosmetic Wash carefully. These eyelashes are very affordable and are spreading across the fashion industry with a lightning fast speed. Many models and super models have used this product on the red carpet. Many women still use this amazing product in their daily lives. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your new set of magnetic lashes today!