Assuming traditional culture is right…

One thing puzzles me. In Shona they say “Musha mukadzi” which loosely translated means a woman makes a family. We entrust our families into the hands of women. It is these many families that make up a nation. Why then do we entrust our nations to men? What experience do they have with the needs of others, with equitable distribution of resources, with fostering unity? If we cannot trust a man to be primarily responsible for his own children, to see that they are fed, cleaned, educated and entertained, how can we trust him with a nation’s food security, social service delivery, education or enlightenment? If we cannot trust a man to foster better relationships with our in-laws, to be sensitive to the needs of his wife and children without a woman to advise him, how can we trust a man to negotiate national polices on peace or international relations? What experience does a man have on a national level that he has failed to apply on a domestic level?

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