The future of IoT!

IoT revolution has completely changed the way today that apps can make smart devices work together. Apps have totally changed the things about the industries.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical objects and more that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Today, apps have made smart devices work simultaneously by completely revamping them. What if the industries can be changed through the apps?


Let’s start with DRONE

Drones are actually an aerial flying vehicle or a robot. This aircraft can be controlled or can fly autonomously through software in their embedded systems. Drones can follow you all the way, can enable you to make videos and click pictures from all above. The camera of this Drone always used to crop the diseases and drilling the platform of danger. Drone remains the same all time but apps can change. If you remotely wish to control the drone, you can attach the oculus rift and use the gesture-based joystick. For your personal wireless protocol, you can take the guidance from Lime Micro and Nuand. DigitalChaos is one such kind of app where your communication will be no longer traceable. Drones can fly high without knowing them who controls them.

The home hub

Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi are the devices that can be connected. You can think about creating lie detectors with the neurosky & heart monitors. Or you can also create the relax machine that learns which things makes you relax. You can even scare the cat of your neighbor by turning on the sprinkler when they enter your garden. Based on the weather outside, you can not only control your sprinkler but you can also reprogram your clock earlier when there is rainfall or snowfall.

Networking Equipment

Penguin computing switch is one such networking equipment, which enables the switch to become a firewall, a load balancer, router, and more. This switch is integrated with USB slot where you can put up Bluetooth dongle and this can be used to control a swarm of spheres. LTE gateways like Netcom wireless, AD link etc. enables the future of LTE to be app-driven. There are several Ethernet driven I/O sensor controllers to keep everything in under control.


There are several robots on the way. Since many years Real Time Innovation is included in the research of industrial control and distributed communication via a robotic arm. Some companies build really very cool robot cars and robot spider which are integrated with an unexpected controller. For e.g.: bar code scanner, mind control, gesture control and more. Add computer vision to your app, an autopilot app, some motors to control the car and an Uber app into your car and you can rent it to others without wasting your energy in getting up from your sofa.

Smart appliances

GE smart fridge of the GE appliances is the amazing smart appliances that enable you to control your refrigerator in just a few touches. The app name USB powdered Milky Weigh helps you to put checks in your fridge and you can know, how much milk is there in your fridge in case if you forgot to see it before. This mobile app will analyze, visualize and give you the detailed information. Fridge has also its own API, it lets us know if the fridge is open via Bluetooth speaker. It also has the complete control on the temperature so if the temperate zone reaches the normal temperature, immediately fire brigade can be called automatically. It would be super great if the home appliances are software defined. Some of your controllers can turn to alarm controls so that, there is no need for extra appliances. GE appliances also give the service to send the expert automatically by putting the accelerometer and compressor on the surface before they blast out.

Industrial IOT

There are many industrial gateways that give the user full fledge controls on the devices such as SCADA- controlling platforms from Emutex, PLC- helps in controlling solutions from Cloud Plugs. You can get the insight of the energy usage by the energy detective electricity motor. However, industrial IOT is all about connecting all devices and using the big data analytics to reduce the cost and generate revenue more.

It’s amazing to see how IoT has changed the way of living!


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