3 Hacks To Keep Your Beddings Clean

Most of the Southeast Asia coutries are a high humidity and warm city, it provides a perfect environment for mold bacteria to grow. Especially during seasons alternating period, a lot of us suffer allergies such as itchy, red eyes, nasal allergy or insomnia. When sleeping quality is being affected, these will surely decrease our work output and efficiency.

Apart from seeking medical assistance to cure the allergic diseases, keeping your bedroom and beddings clean is also a very crucial way for a perfect night sleep.

Hack #1 Put a towel on your pillow to isolate moisture and dirt

Studies show that a pillow case can breed more than 16 different kinds of bacteria, including dust mite. Generally speaking, the pillow itself takes a lot of effort to wash and dry. Therefore I suggest all of you MUST blow dry your hair before getting on bed; or else, moisture will stay on your pillow, warmth and moisture environment provides the best breeding ground for all the bacteria you could ever imagine.

The pillow I use are not water washable, therefore, I have a habit of putting a clean towel on my pillow every night and wash the towel every morning when I wake up. If you put on hair products every day, it is highly recommended to use this towel hack, as most of the hair products contain chemicals which cannot be easily cleaned. By doing this, we can avoid those chemicals from adhering to the pillow.

Hack #2 Do NOT make your bed straight after you wake up, unfold it to release the moisture

Can you believe that making your bed straight after you wake up is actually increasing the chance for dust mites to grow?

Research shows that people sleep average 7 hours a day, the moisture emitted from your body during your sleep become the breeding ground for dust mites, and most importantly, making your bed straight after your bed will trap the moisture inside the blanket. This could increase the growing speed for the dust mites. Therefore, it is suggested not to make your bed straight after you wake up, but to unfold it to release the moisture.

Hack #3 Zip-on bed sheets — fastest bed sheets changing experience

Soulria, a home essential startup created an amazing product to speed up the bed sheet changing process. With the Zip-on sheet design, you can change your bed sheet in 30s without hassles. As zippers are sewed at the edges of the bed sheets, you only need zip-on & off effort to change your bed sheet without lifting the heavy mattress. They are now giving away 3 sets of zip-on sheets, click here to learn more: http://promo.soulria.com/.