Roti bank- A Dedicated to Help the Starving People with Meals

The Roti bank in no matter of time has become immensely popular with its social deeds. People from all corners have come up to support this noble cause which is primarily dedicated to serve the poor and destitute with a meal. The bank started by just a group of 4 members has spread like fire and is now having thousands of volunteers to help the poor people.
For those, who want to work for the poor but don’t have enough time for the cause, the bank has made it too very easy. The Roti Bank in India has issued a toll-free number through which you can call the volunteers at your place to collect the excess food items. Especially when you are arranging for a party or an event, there is a lot of left-over food that is discarded as the waste. But now you can make use of these left-over’s to feed the poor and needy with just a matter of phone call.
The Roti bank is looking to set-up its centers all across the country especially targeting the backward areas where more than 50% of people are starved due to lack of meals. They have already started operations in the cities like the Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh which is considered as the most undeveloped region in the state. The Roti Bank in Mahoba is been set-up that is catering the services to the Bundelkhand. Several food collection centers are also set up by the bank across the region for the collection of meals.
Almost every day, plethora of people visit the Roti banks to collect free meals for themselves. The volunteers of the bank look to make sure that they can provide the food items to as many people as possible. To increase the collection of food, they are making people aware about the concept of the Roti-bank via different means like the social media, pamphlets or most importantly by visiting the households in the region.
The volunteers are very dedicated and committed towards the cause and they leave no stone unturned to cover as many houses as possible. They also enquire with the guest houses and community centres about the functions at those venues. They try to convince the hosts to contribute to the cause in whatever capacity they can to increase the amount of food so as to cater the needs of more destitute. It’s high time for you to get involved in this campaign in whatever capacity you can to earn the blessings of those destitute.
The Roti Bank in Uttar Pradesh is a dedicated group of social activists that is looking to feed the poor. The author highly applauds their efforts and urges the readers to join the campaign to help the needy guys.

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