What is luxury for you?

For me LUXURY means:

Space yacht

Be surrounded by people who adhere to the same principles

Open free spaces, freedom of movement

Freedom from stereotypes. Own opinion, independence from another’s opinions, absence of necessity to compromise

The luxury is conception more from psychology area, rather than physiology

Question about the relation to luxury — a best way to estimate the person quickly

There are only three categories of people: one of them make luxury, others buy it, the third aren’t interested in luxury. I’m interested first two categories.

Possibility to choose ecological production and technologies

Comprehension that you live in harmony with the nature; a solicitous attitude to the Earth

Possibility to choose for a life the best places of planet with a clear atmosphere, pure water and to have all conveniences of a civilization (without disadvantages of this civilization)

Usage of advanced achievements of science which simplifies a life

New technologies saves your time — so, people who have access to innovations are in more luxury conditions (so, now usual people are in more comfortable conditions in compare with Nobles few centuries ago)

Minimalism; a life not encumbered superfluous things. Only few details — but faultless quality. Nothing unnecessary

Unique, not serial product, which satisfied individual request. Bright individuality and style, the expressive design which basis is functionality, comfort, elegance, relevance

Understanding that destiny always on your party. Possibility to change the world instead of to wait when somebody will change world for you

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