Cold Bitterness That Saves Me

2 min readFeb 23


A walk with me in the morning.

A poem.

I wake in the darkness

Hearing the wind chimes sing.

Time to get up and tend to my living beings.

I mix up the old man’s food, and give him his meds.

He coughs a little, then gobbles up his shreds.

Bless his old heart, yet he doesn’t know,

He’s lost his youth, but in his soul, he still has that glow.

I put on my coat and don my cheap gloves,

Step into the garage to awaiting sweat purrs…

Moews of good morning and “hurry up human, we need served!”

I make my way to the back porch to bring my girl her entrée,

The watch for the backyard, and she does it with such display.

It’s her back porch, don’t you forget,

Mr. Possum and Ms. Raccoon, she will net you yet.

Then off to the barn, with the bitter wind stinging my face,

I’m greeted again with more purrs and meowing grace.

Always love I’m shown by the creatures that live here,

Without them in my heart, I’m not sure I could face that fear.

Patiently waiting in her stall filled with hay,

Stands the 1100 pound lady, who always saves the day.

Though she’s getting into her 20’s you’d never know it…

But now and then I hear her old joints pop, just like me, we both show it.

She nickers softly a sweet morning greet…

As I serve her her warm mash and bury my face in her sweet scented treat.

If you’ve never known the scent of a horse,

You’re missing out, because it’s the absolute best, without a doubt.

The sweet smell of clean fur, earth and her soft warm breath.

She gives freely her heart and soul, and never forgets.

I close up the barn and step back out into the wind,

My face is stinging, it’s cold and seems to never end.

But I would not change a thing about this morning routine,

These animals save me from myself, and give me warmth in my heart…

Freeing me from cold bitterness and a fresh new start.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash