After that first “I love you” those three words flowed from our mouths often and easily. Every time I hear it from you, my insides warm and my heart beats faster. Every time I see the look in your eyes as you say those words to me, I fall deeper and deeper.

I tell you often that I love you. What I don’t tell you often enough is WHY I love you.

It’s quite simple, yet fairly vast. It starts with the look in your eyes. I’ve noticed that you look at me differently. You stare at me like you’re trying to memorize every inch of me while also trying to figure me out. Your eyes soften when you look at me, like I’m special, maybe even more. I love you because of the way you look at me.

Your smile…oh lord that smile. I love how that smile lights up your face when you see me.

When your fingers lightly trace my skin it feels as if you treasure me, as if you are pouring your love into me through that tender touch.

I love you for the way you hold me in your arms. The way you completely engulf me with your embrace. That embrace makes me feel as if I’m safe from everything.

The way you make time for my kids, even though I know you still aren’t quite comfortable with the situation. The depth of love I feel for you from that alone is immense.

I love the way you listen to me, laugh with me, respect me. The way you are not afraid to want me and need me. And oh how I love how you admit to missing me.

I love that you stick up for me, even when it puts you in a difficult situation.

I love YOU…every single piece of you. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the light, and the dark.