Horror At Home Gigs com is getting a steady increase in interest as might be expected, e.g. Impressions are on the increase. At present I hold up my hands to say, as far as Twitter goes, I`m not sure how I get almost instant Impression as SOON as I add a comment and link. For example, yesterday I waited 20 seconds, then found 17 Impressions! I really like to see the daily Impressions in total. On this point everybody has a beginning, so I don`t mind if I`m your first follower, just as long as it`s.. hmm fairly family friendly, e.g. the rock music level of 5FDP will be fine, but no basic buy follower ads, I prefer authentic growth, not spammy names.

A Little Added Help To Further Expose Your Music. I`m proposing a support area within Posts to help expose the newer music artists in rock and solo where there`s some established history.

I know a few who have been around and consistently working long enough to more than cover two college degrees.. I just need enough substantial history to take the salient areas and create at least 300 words. We both gain because I get exposure in return for products within music included in Gigs. I think I managed about 400 words for Fro Art jazz posters.

It won`t cost you anything, but in return just pop a backlink somewhere, and/or maybe just buy something through one of my Amazon affiliate links, even if it`s just a pop filter! I have noticed a few solo artists. I`ve never added into Wiki, but it`s something to additionally consider. I might also consider building another site primarily to include and expose newer names within music. Anyway, the email link is within the site. I won`t add further Gigs site details related to products here because I think it`s quite easy to navigate by this Category and other linking. Shaun A Leggott

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