SHAUN KING: A Private Law Enforcement Group on Facebook is Literally Plotting to Kill Me

Shaun King
4 min readJun 25, 2020


On this past Tuesday morning I received a very alarming text message from a friend. Inside of a private Facebook group for California Law Enforcement Officers, members of the group were openly plotting and planning my assassination.

Sadly, I receive death threats daily. It’s been that for years, but they are mainly from anonymous strangers and seem more designed to intimidate me and my family than they appear to be imminent threats of physical harm. We take them all seriously, but what we found in this private Facebook group is altogether different. These were men and women, in a private group that they had no idea I’d ever see, using their real names and identities, openly plotting to kill me and organizing each other to execute it.

Who do you call to report the misconduct of current or retired law enforcement officers? Because I lack confidence in any law enforcement system to handle this, I feel the burden to release this publicly for my own safety and for the safety of my family.

Below I will include the screenshots and details of the threats.

It started with retired Long Beach Police officer Laura Tartaglione saying “I think California needs to start putting a team together of retired military, police, and NRA Members. These criminals that the Democrats created need to be stopped.”

Roy Brokaw then says, “I’m with you brothers and sisters for justice. And I’ll be there. Tell me when and where. Does anyone know where this Shaun King can be found?”

Chris Sanford then says, “Toss this guy from a helicopter.

Jerry De Rosa, a retired LAPD officer, then says “Need a sniper.” As you will see, at the time, two people gave that a thumbs up.”

John Houchens posted, “Shaun King needs to be put down.”

Mark McAdams then posted, “Need to start cutting the head off the snake so to speak.”

Jeffrey Garcia, also of the Long Beach Police Department, then said, “I am ready to rock and roll — let’s get it going boys and girls. Time for a #6.” California Law Enforcement told me that this is often code for a long distance operation.

Retired Long Beach Police Officer Laura Tartaglione then says, “organize it Jeff.”

Jefffrey Garcia responds, “Roger that Laura.”

Billy Dishman then writes, “Let’s get it going. I’m in.”

Kevin Fitzgerald then posted, “So, he’s a Marxist and what’s the rule for a communist? Kill a commie for mommy…better dead than red…And so it begins.

Gary Young then says “Remember at my age life in prison is not a deterrent.”

Henry Martinez, posting a picture of a man with a gun, then says, “Yes, some of us may be old, but we still have a sharp eye and a steady hand… and some of these Anti Americans need to be set straight!”

Jeffrey Garcia then replies, “Damn straight Henry. We need you. You wanna sign up?”

Jim Bohannaon Lugenbeel then posted, “I recommend retro active birth control, or post birth abortion, whatever you wanna call it.”

I could post more. Since Tuesday, the thread grew. We thought this was an isolated incident, but since this, we’ve seen deaths threats against me spread all over the country in other private groups, on dozens of public pages, on conservative blogs, and more.

If you have any additional information on any other credible threats, please send the details confidentially to