Today you can help us #RaiseTheAge & reform criminal justice in New York

Hey My Friends,

Today is a very big, important day for the Injustice Boycott. We need ALL HANDS ON DECK ok?

For the past 3 months hundreds of thousands of us have been lobbying New York lawmakers to RAISE THE AGE of prosecution from 16 to 18 like every other state in the country except for North Carolina.

Even South Carolina voted unanimously to RAISE THE AGE and their Republican Governor signed the bill into law. With rare exceptions for the most violent crimes, 16 year olds must never be charged as adults. In New York, they are charged as adults for every single crime, sent to adult jails, given permanent records, and sent down a destructive path to prison that we are trying to break.

Since we began lobbying in New York, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has come out strongly for the new law, the State Assembly just passed the law with an overwhelming majority, and now we are just one step away from helping make this change happen.

The State Senate has to approve it. This is where you and I come in. Today we are joining up with dozens of other grassroots organizations across New York to lobby the State Senate to step up and vote to approve this law. It’s a no-brainer. It’s not partisan — it’s a human and civil rights issue we can all agree to.



Please call the following two leaders and let them know how badly you want to see them RAISE THE AGE. The Governor is backing it. The State Assembly is backing it. Now you need and want them to back it.

Listen — I need you to do this. Don’t chicken out. Gather your thoughts and make the calls, OK? I’ll be making them. Ask them to leave a message if you can’t speak to them directly. Speak from your heart. Be respectful and sincere.


Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, 631–361–2154
Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeffrey Klein, 718–822–2049


Today is #RaisetheAgeNY Call Day. It takes 2 minutes; we have everything you need to reach reps in Albany:


A CALL FOR JUSTICE: contact elected officials & ask them to “raise the age in 2017.” #RaisetheAgeNY. Here’s how:


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Let’s do this!! It’s time for us to step up! Let’s get #RaiseTheAgeNY trending and let’s impact these two senators!


— — Shaun