Why I Said ‘Yes’ to Kickstart Kings

Not only is it a way to take others further, faster - but I fully anticipate it will do the same for me.

I believe most folks have their choice of open doors. Opportunities that seemingly “just appear” before them.

Some open doors are meant to walk by while some are meant to walk through.

Our ability to discern which opportunities should be taken and which should be bypassed leads to various levels of success.

When the concept of Kickstart Kings was presented to me in October of 2016, I immediately had flashbacks of other projects I had been a part of. On many of those, I was the point person — seemingly the sole person dragging the project forward. Despite their best intentions, the other partners were simply too distracted and required someone to pull them along.

I did not have the capacity or desire to spearhead another project.

What I Was Doing

Since I was 13, I’ve enjoyed helping other businesses reach their goals. My life mission can be summarized in one word: Legacy.

On the professional side, I’ve built and spun off a website design firm. I’ve done marketing projects for brands all around the globe. I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners better utilize social media. I’ve educated thousands on how to build better sales processes.

It was the most rewarding job I could imagine.

Contrary to most folks, I don’t need any sort of fame or recognition. It is not how I am wired. I would rather see a client’s face on a magazine cover than my own.

My mission is to help them get on the magazine cover, or retire at age 30, or spend more Friday nights with their family — whatever their goal is, it is my goal to help them achieve it.

Over the years, I’ve discovered some fundamental flaws in the approach most businesses take to hit their goals.

I would walk into an office to meet with a new client and start asking questions. I was there under the auspice of “doing social media” or “making a website” for them.

But after asking a few questions, it was clear: They did not know what they wanted.

Sure, they wanted a website. But why?

They knew they needed to be on social media. But why?

In today’s business world, it is not enough to just have a website. Or just do social media. There has to be a plan. A strategy. A roadmap. A reason.

I heard “Can’t you just use Google Images?” more times than I can count.

I’d find myself helping develop half-baked guiding principles to understand their core values and get some wispy sense of the voice of their brand.

Far outside the scope of my contract.

Further, once the general voice of their brand was discovered, we would need content to convey this on the forthcoming social media rollout.

I heard “Can’t you just use Google Images?” more times than I can count.


I’ve had contracts terminated because the client felt that I was doing more than just the website design or social media strategy.

They are right.

As it turns out, I cared more about their brand then they did.

I cared about what their brand was about to publish on social and what their website would do for them.

I cared that they were about to put out stolen stock photos in an attempt to cut corners because they did not want to dig deep into the why behind their what.

I spent a lot of time considering how to approach this going forward. I found a few solutions, but none of them ideal to fostering a growing consultancy while staying true to my passion of marketing.

I cared that they were about to put out stolen stock photos in an attempt to cut corners because they did not want to dig deep into the why behind their what.

I can help develop guiding principles. I can help develop mission statements and core values.

But I am not passionate about it.

Further, I can organize photoshoots. I can help direct a story-telling video that captures the soul of a brand.

But I am not passionate about it.

What Is Kickstart Kings

The newly birthed Kickstart Kings is more like a creative collective. We are commonly called a creative marketing agency (I cringe at those words, because so many agencies run without the passion for the client).

We are a partnership of three entrepreneurs who have built things, sold things, failed at things, and spotted the real need of other business owners.

Business ownership is lonely. It is overwhelming.

It is overwhelming to craft an entire marketing campaign when you’re busy running your business. You know, the project that you are actually passionate about…

My fellow co-founders, each experts in their respective fields, dreamt of the best way to help others through a well-rounded marketing approach.

Bryan Reynolds is on fire in his quest to help brands discover why they exist. He lives to help teach that branding is not just the logo on your building or the colors that you use. No, branding is everything about what you do and don’t do. It is how your business engages the five senses of a customer in a way that entices them to park their car, walk across the street, and come into your storefront.

He gets mission, vision, values. He lives for it.

Jeff Marsh is one of the most creative storytellers I have ever met. He has a way of making magic with his camera and words. Within minutes of meeting a prospective client, Jeff has mentally storyboarded an entire video series that, if implemented, would radically change the reach of that brand in ways they have never dreamed.

Why does it work? Because stories sell better than selling sells.

They make my job easy.

With well-defined mission statements, rock-solid core values, the why behind the what that comes from working with Bryan, Jeff swoops in and creates a video and photo series that tells a story without words.

All I have to do is build a roadmap of how to present the well-crafted story online and watch it change lives.

When we connect with our clients and they update us, when they tell us how the lives of their customers have changed as a result of what we’ve helped with, I am reaffirmed that I am doing what I am called to do.

How Is It Different?

Kickstart Kings is the fruition of more than 20 years of realizing business owners need to do more than just checkoff the task of “Make a Website” or “Write Core Values” (which will be shoved away in the corner somewhere — never lived out … or even memorized).

Successful businesses operate on three pillars, and I believe Kickstart Kings helps develop those necessary pillars so that our clients can truly go further, faster.

Collectively, we have the resources to excavate why a business owner is in business, a way to visually inspire and tell a story, and how to best use the online world to amplify the message of the brand.

Further, Faster is more than a tagline for me. It is a way to build legacy.

I hope you continue to follow as I document the incredible journey beyond this open door.

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