Shaun Vembutty | Houston — Zones With Reasonable Living Costs II

Houston — Zones With Reasonable Living Costs II

This article is continued from the above blog link in a series and is a running ranking of affordable cities in the Houston area based on a compilation of factors considered by future homeowners.

4) South Houston, TX

South Houston, TX

Often overlooked because of it’s name, Shaun Vembutty says that South Houston is a city that is independent of both Houston and its adjacent and much larger neighboring city, Pasadena. Although school quality wavers here when compared to surrounding districts, this neighborhood has major potential and promise according to associates at Ashton Gray Development. It is a quick 20 minutes north on I-45 to downtown and offers reasonably priced suburban homes, many of which are new or recently constructed. It is home to many restaurants with authentically prepared eats that are both delicious and modestly priced. Although it is a small city, it hosts annual civic events for families such as Easter Egg hunts and multicultural awareness classes at the local library. With I-45 and the Sam Houston Tollway so close, this makes for an excellent location of a starter home for a family on a budget with the likelihood of an easy commute and plenty of opportunity to access many other parts of Houston.

5) Pasadena, TX

Pasadena is like South Houston’s bigger brother as it occupies the same region of Houston sandwiched between I-45, 225, the Sam Houston Tollway and the southeast corner of the 610 Loop on its northwest border. Its population is nearly 154 thousand and its vicinity stretches, with sprawling and confusing borders, all the way from the southeast corner of Galena Park inside the Beltway 8 Loop to the bay just Northeast of Todville Road in Seabrook. There are plentiful thrift stores, favorite restaurants, job prospects and opportunity for outdoor education and recreation at Armand Bayou Nature Center. Associates of Ashton Gray Development researched and found some district schools listed on have a 7 or 8 rating out of 10 while others were given a 2 or 3, which ultimately represents a mixed bag of campuses given the sheer size of Pasadena. It has within its borders both low end, crime ridden neighborhoods and sunny suburban utopias with rambling rows of Ranch Style houses, so it makes sense why it would fall high on the affordability scale. Shaun Vembutty recalls it hosting the Pasadena Livestock and Rodeo Show every Fall, the Strawberry Festival every Spring and a whole slew of Craft Shows, Gun Shows, Air Shows, Car Shows and more at the Pasadena Convention Center on Fairmont Parkway. There is certainly no shortage of activity going on and because of its oblong geographical placement in the southeast Houston area, it shares access to many other amenities offered in the neighboring cities that border it, such as the wave pool in La Porte, the boardwalk and coastal area of Seabrook and Kemah, and the historical sites of both the San Jacinto Battleground and the Texas Battleship in Deer Park. It also has many access points to both Beltway 8 and 225, making it strategically positioned if a commute is necessary for work.