Essential Oils can assist our process in working through our emotions. Every oil has a spiritual/emotional message and meaning. I love to see how myself and others can grow from using these powerful oils. I like to highlight each oil and how its helped me or people I've worked with in expanding who they are. So today I share LAVENDER!


There are those who are not comfortable speaking in public or outloud, and there are those who can not figure out how to stop talking. We each have in us words aching to be released. And I even feel its not just all about words to others, but words to ourselves as well. Lavender is the oil of communication. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Try to keep the B.E.S.T. in mind:

Bare: can they bare it, if not dont say it

Edifying: is it encourage and uplifting

Spirit filled or spirit lead (Soft-say it softly)

Truth..only speak truth

Don’t let people take your JOY!

Voice what your really wanting to say using BEST but doing it with grace and love!

This oil will help you speak authentically! We do not need to share exhausting large amounts of words! Less is more, try not to hide behind the words!

If we could all practice speaking and being more of who we are, just think of how great those around us would feel too.

How: Apply to your throat (2–3 drops)Great with Spearmint as well