The Other Woman

It feels good to be wanted

Feels great to be THE one they want

But now I get it

Im not really the one wanted

Its not me

Im the fantasy

Im the listener

Im the comforter

Im the therapist

Im the wish

Im the guilt felt being played out

Im the one that can be blamed

Im the one you arent tied to

Im the one whose not her

He misses you

He wants you

He longs to talk to you

He has things to say to you

Its not about me

Its not about you

Its about him, its about fear

Fear to be all he knows he can

Fear of being genuinely loved

You gave to him what another could never give

You took care of him and pampered him the way another never will

You worked harder than anyone he will ever know

You are the reason he would wake up each day

He wishes he could share a home cooked meal with you

He wishes he could come home like he used to and relax after a long day

He wishes he could hear you laugh

He wishes he could see your smile

He wishes he could put his fingers thru your hair

He wishes he could drink wine with you

He wishes he could go to church with you

He wishes he could work on a home project with you

He wishes he could take you on a date

He wishes he could take it all back

He appreciates all you are

He knows how much you did

He remembers first meeting you

He remembers your first date

He remembers your first house

He remembers Holidays and parties with you

He remembers family trips with you

He remembers everything about you and the life you had

He knows he was absent

He knows he messed up

He knows he hurt you

He knows your afraid too

He knows you are what he wants

Its not me, its you