Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won
Trent Lapinski

I only partially agree. Both Democrats and Republicans were both in their own echo chambers not listening to each other. But I think the main reason Democrats were not listening to Republicans was not because they were in the HRC clubhouse, but because it’s really hard to give a Trump supporter any kind of credibility when many of them were on the “blame *those* guys” bandwagon. And Trump’s televised rallies where people were physically assaulted by Trump supporters didn’t help his case whatsoever. The majority of people do not want to align or associate themselves with that ilk of people. The only difference between his televised rallies from a rally in 1950 is that it wasn’t in black and white. Blaming immigrants, minorities, religion or any other scapegoat for your problems is a put-off for most Democrats and once they see that’s what your hinting to without coming outright and saying it, that’s where the conversation terminates.

I tend to believe that most Americans and immigrants want the same thing, to live peacefully in a prosperous country, but what Trump did was mix these values along with bad values like scapegoating. Some just ignored the scapegoating part because they didn’t believe he would actually do them and now everyone’s surprised that he is and peoples’ lives are at stake; some have already been ruined by Trump’s travel ban targeted at Muslims. The devil always offers you your desires to lure you in to do his will.

The theme of this election was, “do I put my neighbor who doesn’t look or act like me in harm’s way and throw them under the bus for my own comforts?” And on Election Day 2016, that was clearly a resounding “Yes.” As a result, I now don’t trust the majority of American people at all because I have now just learned they don’t really care about anyone’s life but their own which will always default to the straight white Christian American because they make up the majority.