Streamlit: Change Data into Dynamic Web Apps using Python!

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3 min readFeb 21, 2024

Hello, tech enthusiasts and Python aficionados! Today, I’m diving into the world of Streamlit, a game-changing tool for Python developers. If you’re looking to create web apps with Python, Streamlit is your go-to solution, and I’m here to tell you why. Let’s embark on this journey, exploring insights from YouTube and the DEV community, and uncover the magic of Streamlit.

Streamlit: A Python Wizard’s Best Friend

First off, let’s talk about the video by Fanilo Andrianasolo, titled “5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Learning Streamlit”. This video is a treasure trove for anyone starting with Streamlit. Fanilo shares his two-year journey with Streamlit, highlighting its limitations and offering alternative solutions. He discusses the challenges of styling apps using markdown and iframe, the intricacies of Streamlit’s event loop and Tornado Backend server, and even touches on desktop app development from Streamlit apps. It’s a must-watch for anyone looking to understand Streamlit’s capabilities and workarounds for its limitations.

Crafting Dashboard Apps with Ease

Next, let’s look at the presentation by @DataProfessor on Streamlit’s official channel, “Crafting a Dashboard App in Python using Streamlit”. This insightful video walks you through creating a dashboard app, integrating tools like Pandas, NumPy, and various data visualization libraries. The speaker demonstrates how to build, customize, and craft a dashboard app, making it accessible on various devices. This video is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in data visualization and dashboard creation using Python and Streamlit.

Streamlit: The Fastest Way to Build Python Apps?

For a quick and comprehensive guide, check out the video by pixegami, “Streamlit: The Fastest Way To Build Python Apps?”. This video is perfect for those who want to learn how to build a Python Streamlit app swiftly. It covers installation, basic features, and creating a simple mortgage calculator app. It’s an excellent introduction for beginners and a testament to Streamlit’s ability to turn data scripts into shareable web apps in minutes.

Insights from the DEV Community

Diving into the DEV community, we find fascinating articles that complement our YouTube findings. For instance, Bobur Umurzokov’s article, “Revolutionizing Real-Time Alerts with AI, NATs and Streamlit”, discusses creating an AI-powered alerting chat assistant using Streamlit. This article showcases the versatility of Streamlit in integrating with AI and real-time data processing.

Streamlit, A Python Developer’s Dream

Streamlit stands out as a powerful tool for Python developers looking to create web apps. Its ease of use, integration capabilities, and the ability to quickly turn data scripts into interactive web apps make it a valuable asset in any Python developer’s toolkit. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, Streamlit offers something for everyone, making Python web app development more accessible and enjoyable.

Stay tuned for more tech insights and remember, the world of technology is always evolving, and so should you! 🚀🌐🐍



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