Trevor Story > One Lonely Rockie

Now, here’s a STORY I’ve got to tell.

About one bad Trevor, you now know so well.

It started way back at Irving High.

With a live arm, a big bat, and a ticket to LSU,

his ride then becomes a bit ROCKIE.

Just him, his bat, and his glove,

riding across the land to be one of the Ghosts in a place called Casper.

Pitchers tossing at my tail cause I’m the man.

One lonely Rockie I be,

the sun is beating down on my baseball hat.

The swing is getting’ hot, the pitches are getting fat.

Lookin’ for Colorado, I ran into Asheville.

His name is Trevor, I said “swing”, he said, “That’s all I do”.

His game told a little STORY that sounded well-rehearsed.

Four years on the run and now he’s dying to be the one.

The crew was ready to see his hand and it was time to give him a plan.

His swing was headed to Coors, his chance was about to get a MILE HIGHer

and he asked Denver if they were willing to take a flier.

He said, “Can I hit some HRs?”

I said, you thought you were here to have fun!

Had a chance to run. He pulled out his homeruns.

He was quick in the swing.

I thought I’d throw him dead red.

He put the ball over my head and this is what he said.

“Now my name is Trevor, I’ve got a bat that is ready to kill.

I think you know what time it is,

it’s time to get drilled.

Now what do we have here an emerging star and his gear.

I run this mound, you understand, I make myself clear.

We stepped into the battle — he had a bat, I had the throttle.

You think this STORY’s over but it’s ready to begin.

“Now I got the bat, you got the ball.

You have two choices of what you can do.

It’s not a tough decision as you can see.

I can homer off you every day or you can hide from me.

I said, I won’t hide from you if you can hit my slider.

Pitchers after me for what I did to his last offering.

I hit it like this, I hit like that. I hit it with a damn whiffle ball bat.

So I’m on the run, the pitchers looks about done.

And right about now it’s time to have some fun.

The King Nolan Arenado is my name.

I know the fly spot where they pop the champagne.

We drove for six hours then we hit the spot.

The heat was bumping and the homeruns were ready to pop.

This dude was staring like he knows my weak spot.

We took him deep and the ball looks like it would never drop.

Trevor said, “Yo, you know this kid?”

I said, I didn’t, but the fans love this kid.

The kid said, “Get ready cause I’m money”.

Pulled out the hammer, aimed at the sky.

He yelled, “Hit one out or even let two fly.

Hands went up and people started to roar.

I wasted two pitches and the fans asked for more.

I’m a Rockie. And I get respect.

I mash and your support is what I expect.

Trevor was with it and smashing your ace.

So I grabbed my bat and I slugged another over the fence.

The pitcher’s out and I’m ready for another pop.

The next reliever threw heat and he got bopped.

The kid grabbed the bats.

Trevor became Fantasy gold.

Rockie fans said “this STORY never gets old.”