5 Board Games to Make your Valentine’s Day More Romantic

Not in the mood to pick out the same red roses and chocolates for your upcoming Valentine’s Day? Here you will find a list of amazing and romantic board games which ensures to bring more love and fun for the two of you.
 For every couple, Valentine’s Day is special in its own way. As the day is getting closer, you might be planning something for your special someone.
 Usually, the ideas include presenting a bouquet of beautiful flowers, an expensive present or going for a romantic dinner out. But, why not stay home this year with your partner and play a board game?
 While there may not be many specific games for Valentine’s Day, we picked out board games which are great for couples.

Jaipur — Competitive two player card game based around set collecting and strategic hand-management.

Patchwork — Competitive two player game revolving around resource-management and Tetris-like shapes for quilting.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective — Cooperative game for 1 or more that we love to recommend for couples. It’s a fantastic deductive reasoning game revolving around solving crimes using limited information, capped off with a comparison to Sherlock Holmes himself. Extremely difficult brain-burner, but fun, even without winning.

One Deck Dungeon — Cooperative dice-roller. Good for 2 players as they each take on a typical fantasy character class and roll stats related to their stats to clear monsters and traps on the way to defeating the boss of the dungeon. A nice light way to spend time together, rolling dice and working towards a shared goal.

So, with these games, you now have a great option to spend the day (or night) in a more special way. Remember, there can be nothing better gift than your time and care for them.
 Happy Valentine’s Day!