I took these two photo in a early morning. As the first photo showed, i stand in the middle of the street to take it because a lot of work of Thomas struth about vista used this method of photographing. Find a view in the center, the empty has many details but no focus. So puzzling, thinking, try to find the meaning of the photo and the secret of the photo is a general behavioral process of every audience. So i took this photo in the early morning without people here, just the street is extending. And another photo i took at the gate of the train station about people. The reason i took this photo is many works of Thomas struth was evaluated as look on coldly because he usually used the third perspective to photograph. So i also used the third perspective to shoot the daily life of citizens. Like these three people here, they are going to go to their office in the early morning, so they just lower their head and keep walking. So this is a start of their daily life.

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