Share your “Ogilvy On Advertising”

Tomorrow, June 23, is David Ogilvy’s birthday. He would have been 106 years old. David Ogilvy was was an advertising icon and founder of Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency.

When I graduated college and joined the ranks of art directors, one of my first purchases was his book, Ogilvy on Advertising. It made a great impression on me at the time. It made a great impression on other ad men and women because there was always a copy on someone’s shelf.

I pulled it off my shelf earlier this year to see if it stood the test of time and was surprised by how many lessons are still relevant. I wrote about it in a post titled Ogilvy on Advertising, a look back.

In celebration of David Ogilvy’s birthday, if you have a copy of Ogilvy on Advertising sitting on your shelf, take it out and share it with one of the younger creatives, AE’s and account planners on your staff. It’s an easy read and they will walk away with something they can use. They will also learn a little more about advertising’s Mad Men other than Don Draper.

If you have no clue what I am talking about, then find the Baby Boomers in your office and ask for their copy. They may have forgotten it is on their shelf or at home. When you read it, realize that there is no internet when this was written. The original Apple Macintosh computer was just released at this time so design by computer was a few more years away. How to lay out a print ad might not be relevant to you, but how he tells a story is more relevant than ever.

If you want to dig a little deeper on David Ogilvy, then read his book Confessions of an Advertising Man.

I hope you enjoy his book as much as I do.