Marketing & Business Coaching For Massage Therapists: Building Your Practice Takes Time & Skill

Hello All!

Yesterday I was sitting in “The Loop” waiting to pick up my son from school. Usually I’m reading a book or a podcast & this will spark a couple of brain cells to collide together.

It occurred to me many MTs want things to happen overnight in their practice but will give up before the ball starts rolling.

Owning a business is a tough endeavor & will challenge you both professionally & personally. I have been through the highs & lows of owning a practice. I’ve rebuilt my practice 5 times in the past ‘16 years & can empathize about the twists & turns.

Here is a professional snapshot of my last 16 years in practice.

  • 2000: Started as a new therapist. I worked for a Chiro & then a local massage practice.
  • ‘03: Left the practice I worked in & started my own practice with my then girl friend & future wife.
  • ‘07-’08: Divorce/split of business with my former wife. I had let my clientele dwindle to next nothing as I had no emotional capacity to take on new clients.
  • ‘15: Moved my practice 30 miles north of where I had been for 15 years to support my family more.
  • ‘16: Moved to Minnesota; my wife got a job offer to good to pass up.

To say my career has had its ups & downs is an understatement. But I’ve learned so much about myself, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nothing happens overnight, business is a skill & it can be broken down into micro segments that either need mastery or need to be referred out. Figure out the skills you are strong in/have interest in & find others to fill in where you are weak.

Break down your goals into small manageable pieces & focus on finding a niche market you are passionate about serving, then take all the continuing ed you can to make sure you are a leader in your community.

If you can do those two simple but important things you can survive any economic, professional or life challenge.

Practice Makes Improvement 👍

Shawn Kitzman has been practicing Movement Therapies since 1992. He began his Massage Practice in 2000 and is currently working on a book focused on helping Massage Therapists get out of their rut and put the Passion back into their practice. When he is not spending time with his family, getting thrown in Jiu Jitsu, providing solutions for injured athletes in his practice he can be reached at

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